These Wedding Guest Outfits Are From Supermarkets & I Can't Believe It Either


Ring the bells for it's wedding season. If you're in your twenties or thirties, chances are that a lot of your friends will be getting married this summer. And that means a lot of shopping. But buying a dress for a wedding doesn't have to be expensive. The below wedding guest outfits all come from supermarkets, believe it or not.

According to a nationwide survey carried out by Provident earlier this year, the average Brit spends more than £1,000 to attend a wedding. That figure may seem ridiculous but when you add in the cost of outfits, hotels, hen parties, and more, you can see how the price quickly adds up.

I completely understand the need to buy a new outfit for any special occasion. Although it doesn't really matter whether you show up to two weddings in the same look, everyone likes to make an effort. However, that effort doesn't have to cost hundreds.

While it's nice to browse designer stores and even pricy high street offerings, have you ever tried checking out your local supermarket for a wedding outfit? I'm guessing the answer is no.

Prior to my experimental week wearing only supermarket fashion, I was super snobby about wearing clothes from the likes of Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury's. But now, my gaze has been turned and I'm never going back.

Here are 11 options that you can wear to any wedding this summer. With all of them under £50, this fashion haul could be the cheapest you'll ever make.

1An Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Tu Floral Bardot Dress


Sainsbury's offers a huge selection of occasionwear. This off-the-shoulder floral dress is an elegant choice that would work for a daytime wedding or evening shindig.

2A Floral Jumpsuit

F&F Rose Print Cold Shoulder Culotte Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit is a style that can be worn absolutely anywhere. This floral design is smart enough to throw on for a wedding but can also be worn to work and for summer nights out at the pub.

3A Yellow Design

George Cold Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress


This dress has it all. Designed in a sunny uplifting colour, its pretty floral print, cold shoulder detailing, and subtle ruffles add up to a unique wedding guest look.

4A Loose-Fitting Jumpsuit

Tu Premium Macrame Detail Jumpsuit


What do you do for the entirety of a wedding? Eat and drink. Rather than choosing something that's extremely tight-fitting, it makes sense to opt for a looser design that will allow you to be as comfortable as possible without sacrificing on the style front.

5A Lacy Number

Tu Premium Lace Embroidered Dress


Lace was made for weddings. (Well, not technically but it might as well have been.) The flared sleeves on this minty fresh Sainsbury's dress may put you off but summer is the one time you can pull off the boho vibe, trust me.

6A Stripy Midi

George Stripe Print Midi Dress


Stripes reign every summer and this year is no different. This strappy midi dress is loud enough to be noticed but not so in-your-face to make you the centre of attention. (That's the bride's job after all.)

7A Red Mini Dress

F&F High Neck Lace Dress


Sometimes, you'll only be invited to the wedding reception. This means you can break the "no dresses above the knee" rule and opt for something a little more evening-appropriate. Tesco's lacy red number fits that description perfectly.

8A Simple Style

Tu Black Spot Print Tea Dress


If you're anything like me, typically feminine colours may not be your thing. Don't panic for you can wear black to a wedding. Tone down the macabre hue by choosing this lightweight dress complete with fun polka dots.

9A Floaty Option

George Hanky Hem Cold Shoulder Dress


If you're attending a wedding in the summer months, you're guaranteed to be in for a lovely sweaty day. Invest in an outfit like this floral blue George dress that'll keep you cool without flashing too much flesh.

10A T-Shirt Dress

F&F Schiffli Lace Dress


Think of a T-shirt and your mind will automatically switch to casual mode. However, a T-shirt dress can be worn for a formal occasion like a wedding. Take this yellow Tesco style, for instance. It's both smart and comfortable.

11A Scuba Dress

George Floral Cold Shoulder Scuba Dress


Scuba fabric equals stretchy and that means oodles of comfort. What's not to love?

Hopefully, a scroll through these dresses and jumpsuits has changed your mind about supermarket fashion. As for me? Well, I'm officially handing in my notice to the Snobs R Us club.