These Women-Owned Brands Are Donating 100% Of Proceeds For International Women's Day

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March 8 is International Women's Day, a day dedicated to the fight for women's rights. IWD began in 1908 when 15,000 women in New York City took to the streets in protest for voting rights, and despite its inception over a century ago, women are still working toward equality. To recognize the struggle for equality this year, these female-founded brands are donating 100 percent of their proceeds to women's charities for IWD.

The following brands are not the only ones celebrating International Women's Day, but they are distinct from others due to their female founders as well as their decision to donate 100 percent of their proceeds on March 8. Why is that important? International Women's Day shouldn't be used as a way to earn a brand money. By donating 100 percent of proceeds from either a single item or from all items sold, brands are using their influence to give back to women instead of bringing in profits for their own good. Basically, they're taking a capitalist systems and saying, "Thanks, but no thanks. We're giving it all back to the ladies."

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What female-founded brands will be participating in International Women's Day by donating 100 percent of their proceeds? Support these charitable brands and the organizations they support by shopping them this March 8.

1. Rael x Happy Period

For International Women's Day, Rael is partnering with Happy Period for the entire month. Happy Period helps to provide menstrual care to those who are low-income, homeless, or living in poverty. During March, for each Rael product purchased on the Rael website, the brand will be giving a product to a person in need through Happy Period.

2. Nuria

For their International Women's Day celebration, Nuria will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from sales across their site. The proceeds from those sales will benefit She's The First, an organization that "fights gender inequality through education." She's The First supports and mentors girls who will be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

3. The Better Skin Co.

The Better Skin Co. will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from its Mirakle Cream for International Women's Day. If you shop the brand and buy the product on March 8, all of the sale will be donated to the ACLU to help prevent gender-based violence and support education equality.

4. Urban Decay

Just like last year, Urban Decay will be donating to their charity The Ultra Violet Edge which helps support women's organizations globally. All proceeds from Urban Decay's Backtalk Vice Lipstick will go to the Ultra Violet Edge for the day on March 8.

5. Ora Delphine

Ora Delphine will be donating their own product for International Women's Day in what seems to be a perfect fit. For each bag sold from March 8-March 11, a bag will be donated to Dress for Success, an organization that helps women find financial independence through work.

6. Ryan Porter

Lola and Ryan Porter are working together this International Women's Day to create a set of bracelets meant to empower women. All proceeds from the sales of the bracelets will go to Built By Girls, an organization which matches advisors to high school and college women interested in engineering.


For International Women's Day, ADAY partnered with artist Melody Hanson to created these limited edition "Pleat & Repeat" tanks. If you purchase the tank, 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit The Stonewall Community Foundation which works to fund LGBTQ leaders, organizations, and projects.

8. Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their Buildable Blur CC Cream on March 8. The money will go to support She's The First, the same organization Nuria is also supporting.

If you want to help support female entrepreneurs and brand owners as well as charitable organizations, these brands' International Women's Day promotions are the perfect way to do so.