Things You Should Know About Applying Foundation

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I often find myself in awe of those talented people who seem to have come out of the womb knowing exactly how to apply every type of makeup. If this sounds like you too, there are things you should know about applying foundation, because as you may have discovered, it's not as easy as it looks.

As a child, you might have observed your mother or an older female relative applying makeup with grace and precision, making it look like a piece of cake. If you didn't have a close female role model to look up to, you may have looked to magazines or women in makeup adverts in the same manner. However, when it actually comes down to the nitty gritty of applying makeup, unless you've been shown by a pro, you may have found yourself making foundation mistakes.

And goodness, is there a lot that can go wrong with foundation if it's not applied correctly! From cakiness, to being a few shades off your skin color, to accentuating your dry patches — the list goes on. Like me, you've probably experienced at least a couple of these foundation mishaps in your life so far. But the question is: Are you applying your foundation correctly? There's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about if your finished foundation isn't quite what you hoped for, because makeup is an art form after all.

So, I spoke with celebrity makeup artist Etienne Ortega, about things everyone should know about applying foundation.

"Applying foundation is a skill that’s easy to master, especially if you know about all the different tools you can use with your foundation. From brushes, to sponges, to your fingers, it’s all about personal preference!" Says Ortega in an email to Bustle.

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"Applying your own makeup with your fingers is a great option," he adds, "especially if you’re on-the-go and don’t have your full makeup bag with you."

But when it comes to tools to assist with applying foundation, Ortega explains, "My favorite tool is a pliable makeup sponge to give a super even, airbrushed look."

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"The secret to a flawless face? Wet the sponge first! This helps the foundation glide on and keeps the sponge from sucking up too much product," says Ortega.

He goes on to divulge his insider tips on where to find affordable, yet quality sponges, "I found some great options for sponges at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls the other day. The stores carry regular sized sponges, mini ones for the eyes and even these adorable macaron shaped sponges. LOVE!"

Even if you're not a beauty whizz, with a bit of practice — and a wet sponge — you'll be well on the way to achieving flawless foundation!

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