This 'American Horror Story' Season 7 Clue Is Less Scary Than The First — Or Is It?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Someone in the election-inspired installment of the American Horror Story miniseries is blue da-ba-di-da-ba-AHHHHH. As Deadline reported, Ryan Murphy shared a clue for AHS Season 7 on Thursday that will azure-ly intrigue fans. (I'm so sorry.)

You know that sneak peek Murphy posted a couple of weeks ago? That sketch of what appears to be a dog wearing a vacuum hose over its nose? It legit looks like a dog-elephant hybrid dug up Twisty the Clown’s mouth in a flower bed one afternoon, but rather than skedaddle away from the disembodied maw as fast as possible, the dog opted to wear it. What I’m getting at: The first glimpse of the forthcoming season is all things upsetting and freaky. The second glimpse, however, is not freaky. Sure, it’s mysterious and exciting, but it won’t make you want to sprint for the hills. Er, unless you’re scared of hair. And if that’s the case, here’s your warning: There’s hair in the photo below.

So, whose hair is that? It could be Evan Peters in the pic. Or Sarah Paulson. Or Billie Lourd. Or Billy Eichner. Heck, it could be the clown mouth-wearing elephant-dog hybrid creature get a fresh ’n’ blue hairdo. Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, your guess is probably better than mine. Because if I had to pick one guess, I would go with the elephant-dog clown in a blue wig. Or with blue extensions.


You could tell me that that neck clearly belongs to a human, not an elephant-dog clown, ’til the elephant-dog clowns come home. And I’d agree with you ’til the elephant-dog clowns came home. That is almost certainly a human neck. This is almost certainly not the elephant-dog clown. But I kind of hope it is?

Could you imagine that elephant-dog clown in a damp blue locks? Oh, that image might be creepier than the original elephant-dog clown illustration. I wish I didn't take it there.

No matter whose mane that is, one thing's for sure: Murphy is definitely building the suspense for Season 7.