People Are Using ASDA's 87p Nappy Rash Cream As A Remedy For This Summer Struggle

by Aoife Hanna
Giorgio Magini/Stocksy

No matter your age, size, or gender — you have definitely experienced chafing at least once in your life. And anyone who has had it will be familiar with the sense of dread that comes when summer time is around the corner, and the unpleasant chafe rash is about to begin. Are you shuddering right now? Yep, me too because those welts are just about as debilitating as they come. So, understandably, lots of people try and find ways to combat it. And guys you will not believe this amazing 87p cream that everyone is using for chafing. It will leave you with skin as smooth as a baby. For more reasons than one.

So it comes from our pals over at ASDA and is in fact a product designed for babies to tackle nappy rash. Costing only 87p, this cream is called Little Angels Liquid Talc and comes from ASDA's baby range. But, according to the adults who use it, this cream is effing lit when it comes to chafing. In terms of doing exactly what it says on the tin, this cream is liquid until it dries to a nice moisture absorbing talc finish. Perfect for the chafing season.

The product description alone will have you running to your nearest ASDA to stock up ahead of summer:

"This gentle formulation applies like a lotion and dries to a light, talc like powder to absorb excess moisture and to help prevent chapping. It is paraben free, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved ensuring it's just right for your little angels - and the rest of the family too."

I know right? Perfection. Thing is though, with online purchases — you all know the best thing about them is the reviews. The jury's in on this one, and it's looking good. Please allow me to show you my top picks.

One wrote:

"I mean yes, this works just as well on the little ones.. but my goodness now it's getting warmer.. chub rub and under boobs are finally saved with this miracle rub"

Another said:

"I know this meant to used on babies but for all you ladies out there that suffer from chaffing and chub rub .... not to mention the Under Breast Sweat then this is the product for you , 87p and your covered , bargain!"

So just to double triple check, I thought I would pop over to Twitter to see what users had to say about it. Some were even suggesting it to celebrities such as comedy superstar Sarah Millican.

And celebs themselves couldn't help but getting in on the commenting action.

Wow with all these positive comments, what's not to love? And maybe you might recommend it to any friends you have that like to jog or who are planning on hiking anywhere this summer. I know right? Stressful activities at the best of times, even without the chafing.

Go out, get this cream and shout "thank you, next" at chafing.