This Beach Lounge Chair Has An Actual Face Hole For Reading

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Life just gets better and better for lazy people and I am here for it. The laziest among us know one of the true summer struggles — do I lay on my back and do nothing or do I lay on my front and do nothing? Laying around and doing nothing besides soaking up some sun can be complicated, because there's not always a good position where you can really get comfortable. Well fear not, because this beach lounge chair with a hole for your face — dubbed the "Ostrich Lounge Chaise" — just made doing nothing a whole lot easier. Why is it called a lounge chaise instead of a chaise lounge? I have absolutely no clue, but it encourages being horizontal and I'm all about it.

This little beauty is currently number one on Amazon for Patio Chaise Lounges — and there's a good reason why. This isn't your average lounger. Instead, it has the genius addition of a hole for your face to rest when you're lying on your front. But it gets even better, because it also includes pillows around the hole to make sure you're comfortable and holes for your arms to go through — SO YOU CAN FINALLY READ! HOORAY FOR READING ON YOUR FRONT!!! You can get the lounge in five colors, blue, green, pink, red, and a blue and white stripe option. It holds 250 pounds and is currently on sale for $43.25 — down from the usual price of $48.24. Though, as is ever the way with Amazon, different colors seem to come with different price tags, so it's worth doing some clicking around.

Of course, if you don't want to turn yourself into a human Ostrich — which isn't exactly what this chair does, so maybe it's a little bit of a misnomer — there are plenty of other ways to get your lounge on this summer. If you prefer to be on the water, rather than next to it, then this floating bean bag chair from Pottery Barn is kind of incredible. It doesn't come cheap, but it looks pretty magical and, most importantly, very comfortable. Or if you'd rather take the less classy (but way more fun) route, then you can get a light-up pool float which will allow you to enjoy those long summer nights. But perhaps the ultimate summer lounger doubles as a swimsuit — sort of. The Towelkini is part towel, part swimsuit, and all comfort. And, as far as laziness goes, it manages to even rival the Ostrich Lounge Chaise. It's a whole new world of laziness — and that's a beautiful thing. Of course, some of you may actually have friends who you want to socialize with, rather than just lying around with books all day — but I'll be floating, laying, and lazing the day away, thank you very much.

Especially for avid readers, spending time at the beach or by the pool on a hot day is always a blessing and a curse. It involves a lot of tossing, turning, and squinting at your book, wondering how long you have until you just give up into some easy podcast listening. But the Ostrich Lounge Chaise may mean that you don't have to choose between being horizontal and reading. Long live the padded face hole.

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