This Behind The Scenes 2017 VMAs Detail Shows Just How High Frustration With Trump Really Is


It's no secret that celebrities are just as fed up with President Trump as anyone else. While the VMAs have been filled with digs at Trump's administration and those who promote hate while following him, there's one detail that wasn't shown. While the rest of us were on commercial break, the VMAs' audience was given a special playing of "FDT," also known as "F*ck Donald Trump" by YG and Nipsey Hussle. While it's unfortunate that the song wasn't played for the viewers at home as well, the fact that it was played at all is really amazing. VMAs audience members and reporters tweeted their appreciation of the track.

Celebrities of all types have been tweeting out their disappointment in Trump and the state of America, while also taking the physical stand to attend rallies. Having those in the spotlight take such a big stand against the misdoings of Trump helps encourage others to make their voices heard.

"FDT" was released during the presidential election season and published to YouTube in April 2016. Currently, the track has over 17.5 million views. Before the music starts, a message flashes across the screen:

"As young people with an interest in the future of America, we have to exercise our intelligence and choose who leads us into it wisely. 2016 will be a turning point in this country’s history, the question is, in which direction will we go?”

The video was actually filmed at a Trump rally, leading to filming being shut down.

Unfortunately, the election did not go in the direction that YG and Nipsey Hussle and many other hoped. But celebrity or not, we should continue to use our individual platforms to stand for whats right, just as these singers and the VMAs did.

Additional reporting by Anna Klassen.