Is This How 'Broad City's Abbi & Ilana Met?

Abbi and Ilana are returning to Comedy Central to cheer the world up with a new episodes of Broad City this September. But before the show gets down to its usual shenanigans, the Season 4 premiere may give fans a peak at a world where New York City's best BFFs never become friends. The heartbreak is real, guys. The Broad City Season 4 premiere is titled "Sliding Doors," and a new clip from the episode hints at a world where Abbi and Ilana are just two cool ladies passing in a subway station.

On the upside, the scene reveals how the women met way back in 2011. Both of them were running to catch the same train, but Abbi's card is out of funds. Ilana shows up to save the day and swipes Abbi through, only to discover her card is now empty too. In true Ilana fashion, she jumps the barrier and the future friends race for the train. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship — or is it? The fate of Ilana and Abbi's relationship appears to hinge on a vomiting businessman. If he pukes over the side of the stair rail, the women go their separate ways, but if he pukes on the stairs, they miss their train and the rest is "Yass Queen" history.

If the plot sounds familiar, it's because it's an homage to the Gwyneth Paltrow rom-com of the same name. Hopefully, the episode will have a way less devastating ending though.

There is a catch to Sliding Doors and its parallel universe fun: Fans may never know which version of Abbi and Ilana's meet cute is real. In the movie, the two parallel universes created by missing or getting on a train end up in the same place. Basically, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, Abbi and Ilana will find their way back to each other by the time the episode ends. However, you may never know for certain whether or not their friendship is solidified when they miss the train, or when their paths across again in the other universe.

One thing is certain, both realities are sure to be a blast as Abbi and Ilana have to deal with a ponytail-snipping bandit and an eerie presidential prediction from a wise homeless man named Robert ("Hi, Robert!"). This is Broad City, so the episode will definitely be full of unexpected twists, girl power, and casual drug use. Abbi and Ilana's fans wouldn't have it any other way.