You Can Get Your Cat Their Own Mini Condo On Amazon Now

by Brittany Bennett

For our beloved sassy feline friends, home is where the scratch pad is. These independent pets are seemingly always ready to move out of our house to get a place of their own. So why not get your cat their own abode already? The Petsfit Large Cat Condo on Amazon is weatherproof, maybe nicer than my studio apartment, and only needs to be a walk to the backyard away from you. Plus, it'll be fun to say that your cat is your next door neighbor.

The Cat Condo comes in two colors because cats appreciate options. The choices are between a Nantucket beach side cottage shade of grey or a sophisticated Wine Red. Your cat will most likely scoff at either, so the decision is up to you. The dimensions of the Cat Condo are 27.5 inches in length, 17.5 inches in width, and 20 inches in height, which is only slightly smaller than my apartment. Just kidding. But that's a decent size for a cat! Even a small dog could enjoy the space. The condo also features a step and a flower shelf, because curb appeal is crucial!

If your cat doesn't have a green paw and isn't into gardening, it can turn the flower shelf into an outdoor lounge. An escape door is featured on the back of the house, and the roof is removable, making it easy to clean. Because all we are to our cats is a housekeeper. And I'm fine with that. The Petsfit Large Cat Condo is available on Amazon for $129.99. But seeing your cat thrilled to have an outdoor space of their own is priceless.

The Cat Condo is a four and a half star product on Amazon and has 118 reviews. According to customer photos, cats are loving their new digs. Cats across the country have moved in with their squeaky toys and their food bowls, because what else do you need? Customers say that the house is large enough to shelter 2-3 large cats comfortably. Think of all the possible cat slumber parties that could happen in your back yard!

People love their cats. Even if our cats don't always show us around-the-clock affection, we know that deep down, they appreciate us and so we keep on providing. One customer review called the condo a "CAT MANSION" and goes on to express their satisfaction with the product. "This is the cutest house EVER! The feral cat that adopted me several years ago will be so happy this Winter. He has a heated house on the front porch but would rather stay in the driveway - closer to his feeding station! So of course, I bought him a second abode - the size is great for stuffing lots of straw into it so that he'll be nice and toasty this Winter," the reviewer raves. Anything for our cats!


To further outfit your cat's new condo, why not also purchase it a lounge chair? UK-based retailer Lidl is now selling cat chairs, and it's kind of perfect lawn furniture for your feline's new domestic situation. When your cat no longer wants to lounge on the condo's roof or claw at the flower shelf, it can curl up in a chair. You can even purchase a cardboard Game of Thrones cat house if you want to turn your backyard into a feline neighborhood, or give your cat a unique vacation home.

Our cats deserve to be comfortable whether they've decided to be indoor cats or outdoor cats. The Petsfit Large Cat Condo will make sure that they have a flower shelf to lounge in and a roof over their head, always.