This Mashup Of The 'Cats' Trailer With Music From 'Us' Is Hilariously Scary

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With all due respect to Andrew Lloyd Webber, it looks like some fans on social media may have found a way to completely reinvent Cats simply by swapping out the music. Shortly after the trailer for the big screen adaptation of the hit musical was released, Jordan Peele approved a Cats trailer mashup with Us music, which went viral on Twitter and effectively transformed into a horror movie.

On Friday, July 19, comedian Ian Ambramson shared a new version of the Cats trailer, in which he replaced the musical's most famous number, "Memory," — sung in this iteration by Jennifer Hudson — with the remix of "I Got Five On It" by Luniz that Peele used in the very creepy Us clip. "I put the song from Us onto the Cats trailer and I think it fits better," Abramson captioned his viral video, which Peele immediately shared on his own Twitter page later. "Yes," he added, officially giving his seal of approval to the comedian's hilarious remix.

Much of the strong reaction to the trailer is the result of audience discovering the "digital fur technology," as director Tom Hooper described it in a behind-the-scenes Cats video, for the first time. "These are people, but they're cats and it's kind of blowing my mind," James Corden said about seeing himself and his costars with "the most perfect covering of fur" on the big screen. And while it definitely blew the minds of some fans, it seems to have reminded others of a horror film.

The terrifying aspect of the trailer inspired many Twitter users to remix the Cats trailer with more — ahem — appropriate music. Twitter user @bobmarshall also shared another sci-fi version of Mr. Mistoffelees and company, this time, by setting the Cats trailer to the score from Annihilation. Considering the cult-favorite film — which starred Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez and Oscar Isaac — is about a group of scientists who discover supernatural activity, it's somewhat surprising that the score works so well against a group of singing and dancing felines.

Of course, fan re-workings of the Cats clip wasn't just limited to horror and sci-fi scores; TVLine editor Andy Swift shared a video which combined Cats with A Star is Born. Media Matters for America editor Parker Molloy then offered up another take, mashing up clips of the Cats trailer with Avengers: Infinity War. (Is it too late to hope for a Black Panther cameo in Cats?)

For a less theatrical remix of the trailer, BuzzFeed reporter Michael Blackmon offered up his own take on Cats, this time replacing "Memory" with Beyoncé. "I replaced the music in the "Cats" trailer with Beyoncé's 'Kitty Kat,'" Blackmon wrote, before proclaiming the Queen Bey remake to be "much better" than the original trailer. Presumably, it's now only a matter of time before someone mashes up Beyoncé's songs from The Lion King with the Cats trailer, officially making the most feline and Bey-Hive friendly trailer remix of all time.

In addition to inspiring plenty of online mashups, the new Cats trailer also previewed a moviegoing experience unlike anything audiences have ever experienced before. "They’re completely human performances. [Cats is] not animated. And it’s not motion capture," Taylor Swift told Entertainment Weekly in May. "It’s somehow this new way that hasn’t been done before. And they’re giving us a tail that moves naturally, and ears and whiskers. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen."

And now, thanks to the innovation and genius of several Twitter users, the remixed Cats trailer is also one of the funniest things that the Internet has ever seen.