Bed Bath & Beyond Is Selling A Christmas Tree House For Your Cat

A Christmas Tree Pet House for cats and dogs.

If your pet takes up a big place on your gift-buying list for the holidays, consider your conundrum solved this Christmas tree pet house from Bed Bath & Beyond. Your cat or dog — or hamster or gerbil or Shetland pony — deserves as much love as your human friends and family, after all. And admittedly, this house is expensive, coming in at a cool $79.99 — but consider it an investment in future holidays, and in yourself (because if Bed Bath & Beyond ever makes a human-sized version, you can bet I'll be taking a nap in it).

"Crafted of wool it provides enough space for your pet to stretch out and lounge the day away," the description explains. "The scent of wool naturally attracts your pet, provides a safe space so your pet feels secure." Not only that, but the lanolin in the wool is meant to help condition your pet's paws and fur — and something about the smell reminds them of their mother, in case you wanted a reason to cry while reading a post about cat beds. And just in case you were concerned about your future Instagrams, it comes in white or green options, so you can make sure it matches your holiday aesthetic. This is a gift that really does it all.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to spoil your pet before Christmas trees come into season — like Disney's pet Halloween costumes that will let your pet go to infinity and beyond. Or you could get in on the action with matching Halloween costumes for you and your pet (and yes, there is a Hogwarts student and owl combination on offer). But if you're looking for another way to treat your pet-loving self this holiday season, then you can always reach for a cat-themed sock advent calendar. And in case you stanning them with your socks isn't enough for your (admittedly pampered) cat, Trader Joe's even announced that this year, instead of just a dog advent calendar full of treats, they're also launching a cat advent calendar. Per Trader Joe's podcast, where it was announced, it will be full of "magical treats made of salmon and seaweed," which means your cat will sleep and dine at a much higher holiday standard than you will this year. Here's to your cat's next few months of curling up in a Christmas tree and eating like a queen.