This Advent Calendar For Cat Lovers Comes With 15 Pairs Of Socks

by Megan Grant

If you're always looking for new ways to express your love for your furry friend, here's a seasonally festive one for you: Target's sock advent calendar for cat lovers just arrived, with a full 15 pairs of cat-themed socks for 2019. The advent calendar includes five crew socks and 10 low-cut pairs, each featuring a pattern or saying that will make any true cat lover say, "Same." There are even a couple of pairs with a cat dressed up as a unicorn, for all your specific but still entirely valid caticorn needs.

This cat sock advent calendar is exclusive to Target, so you won't find it anywhere else. And were you really considering trying to ring in the holidays without cat-themed socks? It's available both in-store and online, and retails for $15 — but if we're being real with ourselves, getting to whip out a giant cardboard image of this would-be Grumpy Cat in the 15 days leading up to Christmas is a little bit priceless. (There's even a bonus cat taking a nap on the inside, but to avoid advent calendar spoilers, you'll have to click the Target link to see it yourself.)

In full disclosure, I'm a dog lover, and I can't quite make sense of being so in love with a pet that acts like they hate you. But as I sit here and stare at my chihuahua, who's currently dressed in a blue cardigan, sneakers, and a red tie, sleeping on a bed nicer than my own, I'm reminded of how it feels to be obsessed with any pet, period. So enjoy your cat sock advent calendar, my friends.

If you can't wait until the holidays to enjoy cat socks (and who could blame you?), Target also has these Halloween cat socks, where the kitties are dressed up in adorable costumes — like a witch and a ghost.

But maybe the problem isn't that you're impatient — maybe it's that you're indecisive. If you're a lover of many animals, and want to devote your feet to all of them, then you can easily take your sock collection beyond cats this holiday season. Target actually has a massive collection of sock advent calendars for 2019, one of which includes this critter-themed sock advent calendar.

In this set, you'll find foxes, raccoons, reindeer, penguins, llamas, and even sloths. (I know how much you love sloths.) Similar to the cat advent calendar sock collection, this one features a variety of different styles, with 10 pairs of low-cut socks and five crew-cut pairs.

Beyond sets for animal lovers, Target has a ton of returning sock advent calendars, including ones for Harry Potter fans and another for Disney Princess fans. Odds are if you search through their advent calendar offerings for 2019, you'll find at least one suited to the giftee you have in mind — that said, it never hurts to pick up a cat sock advent calendar or five to keep for yourself.