This Coffin Candle Melts Down To Reveal A Spooky Skeleton


Time to get your creep on. There are a few things that define fall — and candles that keep you warm on a chilly evening and Halloween are definitely two of them. Well, now it's time to combine the two with a creepy candle that's over the top in all the best ways. This Coffin Skeleton Candle from Etsy user CreepyCandles is the perfect addition to any fall decor — or just to save for Halloween night. And CreepyCandles is certainly not a misnomer. The candle starts out as a giant coffin that you can use as a decoration on its own, but as it melts away you find a skeletal friend (or foe) inside.

"Creep out your friends and family with our newest creation!" the description explains. "As this coffin candle melts, a metal skeleton emerges, making for a great conversation piece that guests will definitely love. Perfect for surprising the ones you love to death! Standing at 11 inches tall, this LARGE unscented candle will certainly put the fun in FUNeral!"

That's right, it stands at nearly a foot tall — so it really packs a punch. Of course, for that size it doesn't come cheap. The candle will normally run you around $35 when not on sale, but you get a whole lot of candle and creepiness for your money, so think of it as a spooky investment. It also would make a perfect gift for a Halloween-obsessed friend or maybe as a wedding present for someone who you do not like very much. Really, there are a lot of different things you can do with a Coffin Skeleton Candle — who knew?

If you're already getting into the swing of Halloween decorating, then this candle is going to speak to you for sure — but the truth is, we already have a huge range to choose from when it comes to the Halloween decor department. My favorite thing right now is the fact that zombie flamingo lawn ornaments are real and actually exist and can be bought on the internet. Someone came up with zombie flamingo lawn ornaments and put that idea into motion — and I just think that's a beautiful thing.

Of course, if you want to go for something classier and painfully millennial, then you can hop into the succulent trend and fall crossover episode for — wait for it — succulent pumpkin decorations. Sure, they might not be the realest of real pumpkins, but they are still an Instagram dream. But if you just want to get a few things for a party, you can do that too. There are plenty of cheap Halloween decorations out there will help spruce things up, from velvet pumpkins to, of course, Halloween wine glasses. The basics. The essentials.

But if you're a true Halloween lover who wants to invest a little bit of money in the ambiance and the experience, then the Coffin Skeleton Candle might be right up your street. It gives you drama, it gives you spookiness, it gives you skeletons — and it gives you fire. The Halloween dream/nightmare is yours to behold.