Amazon Is Selling A DIY Backyard Bar You Can Assemble In A Few Hours

If you ever have trouble finding your perfect summer bar, you're not alone. A place with some outdoor space and some sun that isn't teeming with people can be difficult to find once the sun starts shining. So maybe it's time to make your own path — and by path, I mean bar. Amazon has a kiosk for sale that would work perfectly as an at-home DIY backyard bar this summer. That's right, you can be the maker of your own destiny — and your own summer cocktails. The "Allwood Retail Kiosk Amanda" retails for just under $4,000 — which may seem like a lot, but it's an actual building and it will save you a ton on marked-up drinks.

According to the listing, it can be assembled in "mere hours" — which I can only assume means it was written by someone who has never seem me with a hammer. It's made of durable Nordic Spruce and features a "unique Scandinavian retail design" — again, no idea what that means, but it sounds pretty great. Scandinavians tend to be good at everything and I think by "retail" they just mean you could make this your own at-home candy store if you wanted to do that instead of a bar, so I'm sold. It totals 94 square feet inside, which means you could probably sleep in it. I'm just saying, it's versatile.

If the idea of a summer outdoor bar, a sleeping cabin, or an outdoor candy store doesn't trip your trigger, then I'm sure you can come up with something incredible for a little place like this. Tiny houses are definitely a *thing* at the moment, so a micro-building that also works as a little personal space definitely has a lot of appeal.

Of course, that being said, it's clear that nearly $4,000 just isn't going to be within everyone's budget — no matter how much money you'll save on cocktails. But fear not — there are plenty of other ways to make your summer something special. Target has inflatable pools that come in at about one-hundredth of the price — seriously, they run you about forty bucks. Or you can go for a little splurge and get a floating bean bag chair from Pottery Barn, which cost around $200 but also look like they are actually magical. If you really want to start your summer with a bargain, don't be afraid to reach for something a little different — like this pickle float on Amazon that comes in at under five dollars. WAIT — you could also spend your entire outdoor bar budget on pickle floats and buy NEARLY 800 PICKLE FLOATS. That's my summer sorted. There are so many ways to make your summer special, but there is nothing as special as nearly 1000 inflatable pickles greeting you every damn morning.

OK, I can see that investing in something like an outdoor bar might be a slightly more mature choice than hundreds of pickle floats — but only slightly. This kiosk may be pricy, but if you're looking for a way to totally amp up your backyard without too much hassle, then a structure like this seems like a quick way to transform your living situation. Just don't over-charge your friends for drinks — that's the most important rule of an at-home bar.