This La Croix Cake Is Peak Millennial

by Mia Mercado

If you weren’t expecting to be spiritually moved by a baked good today, you might want to brace yourself for this: You can learn how to make a La Croix Cake with this pretty easy video tutorial. On this 2017th year of our lord and savior (Pamplemousse La Croix), we have been blessed with a DIY guide on how to make a cake shaped like a can of La Croix.

The recipe and instructional video come from Studio DIY, which I’m assuming is comprised of angel goddesses and Millennial-wish-granting fairy queens. Ingredient-wise, all you’ll need to bake this cake is a six-inch round cake pan, a five-inch round cake pan, your favorite cake and buttercream frosting recipes, and some black and white candy melts. Having a few basic baking tools on hand, like a baking turntable and an edge scraper, will also keep you sane while frosting and decorating. Important point of clarification: there isn’t actually La Croix in the cake because there has to be a limit somewhere, guys.

According to the blog post tutorial, this cake is pretty easy to recreate, especially when paired with the instructional video. Even if you have no intention of baking this cake, you should still watch the video if only for the super satisfying visual of watching someone expertly decorate a cake. But if you do make a La Croix cake of your own, you are obligated by Millennial Law to Instagram it.

The La Croix cake joins the ranks of such cake greats as unicorn cake and amethyst geode cake, with an honorable mention for this cake decorated with internet trolls’ comments. The ability to make cakes shaped like things that are not cake is one of the things that sets us humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. You’re cute, baby capybara, but you can’t turn a beloved seltzer into A CAKE YOU CAN EAT.

You can also customize this cake with whatever La Croix flavor is your favorite and/or speaks to you emotionally. May I suggest making your own La Croix flavor, and then turning that flavor into a cake? You could even make a La Croix cake and display it among a bunch of actual cans of La Croix, like it’s a big La Croix mommy and those are it’s tiny La Croix babies. This is the beauty of free will and personal choice and, now, having a DIY tutorial on how to make a La Croix cake.