You Can Get A Sequin Pillow That Secretly Has Dwight Schrute's Face On It


Do you have a friend's birthday coming up? A holiday? A christening? Heck, any reason you could possibly make a new purchase — because this is something you're going to want to buy. I don't care if it's for a baby or your grandma or your postman's uncle's anniversary — a Dwight Schrute Sequin Pillow exists and it is just as glorious as you think. And, of course, not to be outdone, there is also a Michael Scott Sequin Pillow. Cancel your plans and free up your calendar, because it's time to host an Office-themed party, right now.

The wonderful world of sequin pillows is well-established — pillows that hide an image under sequins, so when you rub them all in a different direction it reveals the image underneath. But a couple Etsy users decided to take this already delightful idea and really push it to its limits — Etsy users FarFromAverage and Memeskins have gone above and beyond by taking iconic images from The Office and reimagining them in glorious, sequin pillow form. Sculpting has its Rodin, painting has its Da Vinci, and sequin pillows have these two geniuses. In fact, their collections go for beyond The Office merch — I spied some Jeff Goldblum, Nicholas Cage, and Steve Buscemi varieties — but let's focus on The Office for now, because they just have so much to give and I may get overexcited and pass out from sequin pillow exposure before too long.

Although my personal favorite has to the photo of Dwight's scathing laugh, there are plenty of other options from the classic Dwight stare to an entire collage of Dwight faces ready to delight and terrify you. But if Dwight isn't your favorite character — because you are wrong and don't understand humor or happiness — then you can get also get some pretty epic Michael Scott varieties. The World's Best Boss mug, Prison Mike — there are lots of Michael Scott moments for you to relive in sequin form. It's like a choose your own adventure. Just put it on your couch and wait for one of your friends to discover the ultimate Office surprise.

The truth is, there are a lot of places you can get custom sequin pillows so you could really put any of your favorite The Office characters on one — or your favorite characters from anything. But it never occurred to me to use it for some of my biggest fangirl obsessions, despite being a hardcore fan of both the U.S. and UK Offices (I'm bilingual in The Office, get over it). There have been a lot of beautiful moments for The Office fans recently — from merch straight from The Finer Things Club to an unexpected Office Reunion, and an even more unexpected fan theory that Andy and Kelly are soulmates. I'm definitely not buying the last one (#kellyandryan4ever), but it's been exciting time — and I have to say that these sequin pillows have driven my excitement right up a notch. The Office and I have a marathon date this weekend. You are not welcome to join.

Many of us feel town between choosing plain, neutral tones and pretending to be a grownup or just embracing the adolescent who is thriving in our hearts. But the Dwight sequin pillow is speaking to you — you know what to do.