This 'Ghost'-Themed 'Bachelor' Promo May Hint At How Peter's Season Ends

Peter gets in touch with his inner Ghost in the new Bachelor promo.

Eminem's performance of "Lose Yourself" wasn't the only blast from the past that aired during the 2020 Academy Awards. During one of the commercial breaks, ABC aired a Ghost-themed Bachelor promo, which found a shirtless Peter Weber getting a helping hand (several, in fact) while attempting to sculpt something on a pottery wheel. Set to tune of the Righteous Brothers' “Unchained Melody," the teaser mimics the steamy scene first shared between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the original 1990 film, though with a few obvious modifications.

For starters, the face of Peter's special someone is never revealed. In fact, multiple arms begin wrapping themselves around him, holding onto him with all their might and smearing his face with some of the remaining clay. It's here that Whoopi Goldberg pops into the frame to deliver a parody of one of her Ghost character's most iconic lines of the film: “Peter — you in danger, boy.”

But as amusing as the whole thing may have been, the movie that Peter chose to emulate for the ad was also somewhat puzzling. After all, it's not as though the central love story in Ghost gets a very happy ending. Is it possible that the promo actually contains a hidden message as to how Peter's season will end? Has the pilot been a ghost this entire time?!?!

All kidding aside, it's possible Peter is trying to tell fans something in this clip. The multiple hands wrapped around him could suggest that he has an impossible time narrowing it down to just one person by the end of the season. (Perhaps that's why he's so confident his season can't be spoiled — because even he doesn't know who he ends up with.) Or maybe a ghost from a past relationship lingers throughout his journey, making it difficult for him to move on with someone else. (Hannah B., is that you?) Then again, maybe Peter just has a secret pottery passion that he's never felt comfortable expressing before, until now.

Regardless of what this promo may be trying to tell us, Peter himself seemed to have a blast during the filming process. So much so, he wished the pottery experiment had been an actual group date on the show. “You get to get messy, you get to have fun with it,” he told People during a behind-the-scenes interview. “It was a lot of fun just getting my hands dirty and making some magic.”

With six remaining contestants still in the running, there's plenty of time for some more magic to be made. Let's just hope it ends a little better for Peter than it did for his Ghost-ly counterparts.