This Girl Clapping For Nick Viall Is All Of Us

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Eric McCandless

Pretty much every member of Bachelor Nation has experienced mixed feelings about Nick Viall. Sure, most of us don't actually know him, but after being on TV for so long, we've seen a lot of him. For many fans, it's been tough trying to figure out exactly how to feel about him since he and his portrayal has changed during his time on reality TV, but there's a good chance this girl clapping for Nick Viall at Dancing With the Stars sums up your feelings.

It can be tough to explain your thoughts on Nick in a concise matter. There is just so much to clarify and so many conflicting emotions, but this woman really nailed it and she didn't even have to say a single word. I have no idea how people expressed themselves before gifs, but I am so happy to have them at my disposal. From this woman's facial expression to her slow clap, it's clear that she really, truly gets it.

Nobody wants to be a hater (of Nick or anyone else), but there's something to be said for "less is more." It's great that Nick is engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi and that he's exceeding expectations on Dancing With the Stars, but we haven't had a break from him. Thankfully, Nick didn't pop up on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, but he's been on our TV since 2014.

If the girl on the right doesn't sum up the feeling of seeing so much of him, I don't know what does:


Nick deserves applause for his performance. It was a great dance, but it's just been a little too much seeing the same person on TV every Monday night for the past three years. No one is trying to hate, but I really could use some time off.

For every victory and likable moment that comes with Nick's reality TV "journey," there's just another reminder that this is all still a thing — from two Bachelorette seasons to Bachelor in Paradise to The Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars. I am happy that you are happy, Nick, but it's just been a lot. For a very long time. Good for you, but we need a break.

Sometimes, you just have to leave the people wanting more and just maybe they'll respond with full-on, enthusiastic applause, rather than whatever that girl has going on up there.