This ‘Girls’ Deleted Scene Reveals That Shoshanna & Yoshi Got Off To A Complicated Start — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

HBO/Geoff Johnson

With the final season of Girls quickly approaching, it's time to remind ourselves where Girls Season 5 left off. Thankfully the fifth season is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray beginning Jan. 3, so you can re-watch in all its glory before Season 6. And, the DVDs also include bonus features and deleted scenes, like the exclusive clip below featuring Shoshanna being asked out on a date by Yoshi while still in Japan.

While all of the ladies have traveled different paths over the course of the show, Shoshanna recently went through some significant changes. In Season 5, she was living in Japan and finding a life there, but ultimately still seemed unsettled. When she returned to America, feeling down and even more lost, she turned her depression into productivity and helped Hermie and Ray market their coffee shop. Through it all, she managed complicated relationships and friendship conflicts, and ultimately came away learning what made her happy as opposed to finding her happiness in a relationship.

In this deleted scene, we see Shoshanna working in Japan and being asked out for coffee by her boss, Yoshi, whom she likes. The conversation doesn't quite go the way either party expects, thanks to Shoshanna still having conflicting feelings about her then-boyfriend Scott back in the States (and maybe Ray? A girl can dream that they'll get back together someday...)

It's interesting to look back on Shoshanna's time in Japan with Yoshi knowing how the rest of Season 5 went for her. She ended up really finding herself independent of having a man — so maybe it's for the best that things with Yoshi never really got the start either of them wanted at the time.