A Gizmo Chia Pet Exists & All True 'Gremlins' Fans Need One Immediately


In the mid-1980', Stephen Spielberg collaborated on a film that would forever change the dynamics of cult followings, and the rating system. Not, it's not E.T., Poltergeist, or Indiana Jones; it's better than all three. Gremlins bent genres, scared your childhood self, and even, per The Hollywood Reporter, led to the development of a PG rating by the MPAA.

In the 30+ years since its release, Gremlins has reached an entirely new generation of viewers who have fallen for the miniature, meddlesome, protagonists. In true 1980s fashion, you can even buy a Gizmo Chia Pet. Picture this: It's Christmas morning. That song from Band-Aid is playing over the speakers and you are munching on the Razzies stuffed in your stocking. Is it 1984 or 2018? What does it matter when you're basking in the glory of weird and wonderful 1980s pop culture.

If you know someone who was unimpressed by plebeian pets after watching Gremlins for the first time, you've just found the perfect holiday gift for your weirdo friend. True-to-size, standing roughly eight inches tall, the Gizmo Chia Pet is probably the closest anyone could get to *actually* owning a Mogwai until science catches up.

Chia Pet Gizmo is in a predicament, you see. He is cold and needs a winter coat, but it is up to you do make sure he has one.

Per the FIREBOX website, "He’s such a good little Mogwai, not remotely evil like the others. He deserves it. So pour those chia seeds and get to work fashioning a green-fingered layer of chia for this sweet little soul — it should be fully grown in 1-2 weeks! This kit includes everything you need to give him a coat of lush, verdant chia fur — it can even be re-used indefinitely! Once you’ve had your wicked way with the three packets of seeds in the kit, you can replant it over and over and over with other suitable herby type plants, like thyme. Neat!"

Using a Chia Pet really is that simple. The Gizmo Chia Pet comes with instructions for assembly and use, but just in case, you can refer to these directions from the Chia Pet website for guidance.

Once you receive your Mogwai, you submerge and soak the entire thing in water for half an hour. While it is soaking, you mix two teaspoons of Chia Seeds with 1⁄4 cup water in a separate bowl to create a paste. After half an hour, turn your Chia Pet bust upside down to get rid of any excess water. Place the structure on the drip tray that comes with the kit to catch any excess water you may have missed. Spread the chia seed paste evenly on the surface of the structure. Finally, after 2 days, fill your Chia Planter with water and put the planter back in the in drip tray. Make sure to keep filled with fresh water, and in no time you'll see Gizmo's verdant new coat begin to sprout.

Some of FIREBOX's inventory is exclusively available in the U.K., but this guy is free to return to its country of origin (or, at least where his movie was made). You can preorder your Gizmo Chia Pet through the online retailer now.