This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Love Triangle Is About To Get Even More Complicated

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

At this point, love triangles have become a staple on Grey's Anatomy. And they're always dramatic, always intriguing. And now in Season 15, the love triangles are just as juicy as ever. In fact, it looks like the Owen-Teddy-Amelia love triangle on Grey's Anatomy is about to get even more complicated. As fans know, Teddy is already pregnant with Owen's baby even though he's married to Amelia. How much more complicated can it get?

Kim Raver, the actor who plays Teddy, teased the upcoming drama in an interview with TVLine, saying "There’s another fantastic element that gets thrown in." An "element" isn't exactly the same thing as a new person, right? Raver expanded vaguely, adding, "There’s an ‘other person’ element, and it’s fun and funny and complicated. It’s great because it’s quintessential Grey’s Anatomy where it’s not just one layer. We were just shooting a scene that was so uncomfortable and funny and great and wild.”

It might sound super dramatic, and based on Raver's tease, it's definitely going to get worse before it gets better. That said, the actor stressed that the Owen-Amelia-Teddy love triangle will remain pretty supportive. Raver explained the complicated situation that her character is in: "On the one hand, I think Teddy wants this child and a romantic relationship with Owen."

Then, she added, “And on the other hand, she absolutely doesn’t want to break up Amelia and Owen, out of her respect for Amelia. And that’s what’s so cool about this love triangle: It doesn’t pit woman against woman.” Even with all of that respect and consideration, it's still a love triangle, and love triangles are always messy. No one can deny that.

Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia, discussed the many layers of the love triangle in that same TVLine article. She explained, "It’s not just, ‘I don’t know which girl to choose!’ There are other people’s lives that are affected. It’s not just about ‘Who do I desire the most?’" Most notably, Scorsone pointed out, there are children involved. "Real children and teenagers are involved. We have lives to choose between, and we have to be very delicate about how we tread."

As the viewers know, it isn't just the three of them in this love triangle. So, is this a love pentagon? Kind of, sort of, it's just that all of the points in the shape are not actually romantic. There's two other humans who will be involved whether they like it or not. Owen and Amelia are already foster parents to Leo together. And now there's another baby on the way!

With that said, it is possible that the "other person element" that Raver teased might not even be a romantic interest for one of the characters. That would just be way too conventional of a storyline. And this is Grey's Anatomy, after all. By the end of this season, the love triangle might be a love octagon with new children, grandparents, and friends involved. You just never know with this show.

The only guarantee is that it will be complicated. And of course, the viewers will be emotionally invested and entertained.