Target Is Selling A $10 S'mores Caddy Filled With Everything You Need

S'mores are an incredible dessert. Not only are they their own activity, not only do they give you a big wallop of nostalgia every time you eat one, they also taste amazing — sweet, crunchy, sticky, and everything you could possibly want. The one problem with s'mores? They're not a particularly user-friendly food. They require a lot of components, a stick, and, well, an actual roaring fire (I'm sorry, but the microwave just does not cut it). Luckily, you can now make your s'more situation run a lot more smoothly — because there's a Hershey's S'mores Caddy ready to help you live your best, most chocolaty life. EVERY FREAKING DAY.

What is a s'mores caddy, you might ask? Well, it's a handy box designed to carry all of your s'mores ingredients, so you are always prepared in case of a s'mores emergency. Or, you know, just for when you want some s'mores. You can get this little beauty from Target, which makes sense as they are the home of everything that is amazing but also that you never really thought you needed — and that you might not *technically* need at all. But who cares, because now that you've seen it, you definitely have to have it. And at just 10 bucks, it definitely seems like a worthwhile investment in your s'more-making future. Imagine a world where s'mores are a daily affair — imagine they're your daily breakfast. That's the kind of world I can get behind.

It also comes with a one-year limited warranty, which I think is kind of incredible, because it recognizes that a vehicle that brings you closer to s'mores deserves its own damn insurance policy of sorts. Target understands your priorities.

It's important to note that this product is just the caddy itself, not the ingredients for s'mores — something that a few reviewers were unhappy to learn. So make sure to stock up on the holy trinity of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow, to stuff this caddy full. And the good news is that anything that doesn't fit in the caddy probably has to be eaten ASAP, so go for it.

S'mores are definitely on trend right now, with wedding s'more bars suddenly being a thing — and a delicious thing at that. In fact, you could have a s'more bar at your wedding with these caddies doubling as wedding favors. Did I just become a wedding planner? Do I win at weddings? Am I Jennifer Lopez picking out the brown M&Ms? Am I rich yet? I think some big things are happening.

If you don't have any big days with white dresses in your future, you can still cash in on the s'mores trend of the moment. Dairy Queen has a S'mores Blizzard that I have had some borderline inappropriate thoughts about — and it's packed full of all of the necessary s'mores ingredients. And many people were more than pumped to hear that S'mores Oreos are back. I think we all know what that means — using S'mores Oreos instead of graham crackers to create some sort of epic, meta-s'more situation.

S'mores are one of those amazing treats that you always want to have, but rarely have the ingredients or the organization to make it happen. If this sounds like you, then a s'mores caddy may fit your needs. But if y'all start having them as your wedding favors, I definitely want my cut.