You Can Be An Inflatable 'Toy Story' Alien This Halloween


Some people are Halloween amateurs — and others are professionals. We all know those people who take Halloween very seriously. The best costumes, the best candy, the most detailed and over the top parties — it's their big day of the year. Well, if you're a Halloween pro who also happens to be a huge fan of Toy Story, then I've got some pretty exciting news for you. You can get a Toy Story Space Aliens costume from shopDisney, the home of all things Disney and goodness. But this isn't just any alien Halloween costume, this is a full-on inflatable costume that will take your Halloweening to the next level.

"You'll enjoy a large slice of fun dressed up as one of the Space Aliens from Pizza Planet," the description explains. "This inflatable costume includes a fan to keep it up, but just like the little green men in Toy Story, you'll want to avoid the Claw."

Sound like fun? Well, this costume isn't messing around. It says that it fits adults from 5'5" to 6'1" and it comes with an actual battery-operated fan to keep the product inflated through your Halloween festivities (but you'll have to provide the batteries, because adult toys are just like children's toys in that regard). It's sure to be a showstopper and a crowd pleasure — although I can see it being a little tricky at crowded parties or parades.

But all of this showmanship doesn't come cheap — you'll have to shell out around 80 bucks if you want to go full inflatable alien. It's a commitment. Partially because that's a huge amount of money to spend on a costume — but also because committing to walking around in an inflatable Halloween costume is not something I'd take lightly. How are you going to eat all that candy while you're inside a blowup suit? Did anyone even think about that? Isn't that why we're all celebrating in the first place?

It does seem like Halloween costumes are getting more intricate and more extravagant by the day. Maybe it's just people wanting to get the perfect Halloween Instagram — or maybe it's because we live in a lawless world and a celebration of the dead just seems to fit with our current mood. In either case, people are going bigger and better with their Halloween costumes. From guinea pig Halloween costumes that are too cute for words (and also a little ridiculous) to a frankly baffling amount of Jon Snow and Daenerys costumes, you can go as far over the top as your little heart desires. And that's before we even get into really intense options, like the Oogie Boogie costume which costs 130 bucks while being kind of amazing and kind of terrifying, depending on your mood. Seriously, if you want to go all-in this Halloween, then it's easy to do. You focus on our costumes and that gives me the opportunity to vacuum up all the candy when nobody's looking. It's a win-win.

But a costume with an actual battery pack and fan to keep it in inflated is definitely next level, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some hardcore Toy Story fans rocking the alien costume this year — they will be eternally grateful.

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