This Oogie Boogie Halloween Costume Is A Big Mood


OK, Oogie Boogie fans — if you need any more proof that 2019 is truly your year, then this is it. I never thought I'd say this, but 2019 has been a huge year for fans of Oogie Boogie, the villain of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It may be niche, but it's true. And now, this year has reached its natural peak with this Oogie Boogie Halloween costume available from shopDisney. If you really want to go to town and show your love for all things Oogie Boogie, then this is how. This is an all-in sort of Halloween costume.

"Take a chance at your next costume party in this head-turning Oogie Boogie costume," the description reads. "More than just a sack of bugs, Oogie is the underground villain who likes to gamble and wreak havoc. Wanna bet people will love this costume?"

And I'm sure they will — it's got every detail sorted, complete with a foam-padded suit and a full-head latex mask. The craftsmanship on it looks pretty incredible, but it doesn't come cheap. The costume comes in at $129.95, so you really want to be sure you can handle all that Oogie Boogie before you commit. Maybe you'll want to wear it year after year, but I know how sweaty I would get in something like this and... well, things could get a little bit intense. Seriously, just imagine wearing that padded suit and body mask all night long.

Even though The Nightmare Before Christmas premiered all the way back in 1993 — as in, more than 25 years ago — it's safe to say that it's having a little bit of a renaissance right now. Maybe it's the power of millennial nostalgia or just the timelessness of a cult classic, but it is everywhere this year — and the Oogie Boogie is getting special attention all over the place.

There has already been the spookily genius invention of Oogie Boogie cereal, allowing you to start your day with green, sugary Os and complete with your own glow-in-the-dark toy inside. And the evil little creature is set to take center stage at Disneyland's Halloween Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure — a whole celebration of Disney villains and, specifically, the little Oogie Boogie. There's also been a frankly ridiculous amount of The Nightmare Before Christmas merch out there, like a line from Hot Topic that includes a slow cooker and a cheeseboard... two things you definitely didn't realize you needed in The Nightmare Before Christmas form. Oh, and there's also a Nightmare Before Christmas Target line with the cutest mugs you'll ever see.

See? It really is the year of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Oogie Boogie — but if someone doesn't start an Oogie Boogie Bugle Boy band by the end of the year, it will surely be a missed opportunity indeed.

This is the time we will find out who really loves the movie and who is willing to go the extra mile to don themselves in a full-body, very expensive Oogie Boogie Halloween costume, to bring joy and strike fear into the hearts of neighborhood children. Or your adult friends. Or anyone really. One thing's clear: Only a true Oogie Boogie lover will make the leap.