You'll Want To Try This Metallic Lip Hack

Have you ever been out and about, running errands while carrying a small clutch or crossbody that only fits a wallet, keys, and one lip product, and decide you totally want to do the metallic lip trend right then and there? OK, so maybe that exact scenario hasn't happened... yet. But if you are like me, you've inconveniently been struck by the raging desire to try a makeup trend when you don't have the products or tools at your disposal and aren't convinced you want to dole out some loot for what could be a fleeting beauty craze. Great, that's what hacks are for! Tarte just offered the easiest metallic lip hack ever on its Instagram feed.

Are you game for pretty metallic mouth without shelling out cash on a lippie in case you get bored with the finish? Well, you can create the metallic texture in your bathroom and with products you may already own.

Tarte recommends applying a clear gloss — in this case, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue in Clear— over the surface of lips. Top the gloss with a metallic shadow; yes, Tarte recommends its own Clueless shadow, which is pale, spring-ready pink and is picture below.

You can use those basic tenets — gloss and shadow— for a DIY metallic lip.

Here, lips take on a metallic 'n' matte vibe but the model doesn't look like she is rocking eyeshadow on her lips... even though that is exactly what she's doing.

The shades in Tarte's new metallic shadow range are certainly up for the task of subbing for metallic lipstick. Remember, what makes this a hack is using a clear gloss and metallic and shimmering shadow already present in your makeup arsenal. However, if you nab a new shadow with a metallized finish and repurpose it, that's hack heaven.

I've seen lots of Insta MUAs and brands using fluffy crease and blending brushes to apply and diffuse lipstick for a soft focus finish. You can apply that concept with the DIY metallic lip hack, especially since it involves eyeshadow.

IMO, if you are willing to commit to purchasing a legit metallic lipstick, don't snooze on the Milk Makeup lip pens. They are ace.