'This Is Us' Season 2 Is All About The Big Three

Those emotional flashbacks you've come to know and sob over aren't going anywhere in This Is Us Season 2. Deadline reports the This Is Us kids are now series regulars, which suggests the show is about to delve deeper into the Pearson family's past. The teenage Big Three — Hannah Zeile, Niles Fitch, and Logan Shroyer — along with young Kate (played by Mackenzie Hancsicsak) and young Kevin (played by Parker Bates), all received promotions. Young Randall, Lonnie Chavis, will continue to appear, but he's already under contract as a series regular for Showtime's upcoming comedy White Famous. Rounding out the promotions are the young actors who play Randall and Beth's daughters, Faithe Herman and Eris Baker.

Seeing the show commit to the cast that plays the younger versions of its key characters is exciting news. It's especially interesting to know the teenage Big Three will be around more this season. Season 2 ended with Jack and Rebecca's major blowout fight, and the latest casting news seems to suggest fans will see exactly how the fallout from their confrontation affects Kate, Randall, and Kevin. Throughout their early childhood, the kids always had the support of their parents' solid marriage to lend them a sense of security. It feels safe to say things likely changed drastically in the Pearson home after Jack moved out — no matter how temporary the situation may be.

The key to fully understanding the adult Big Three's issues and struggles seems to lie in the show's examination of their past. By assuring fans they will be seeing more of Kevin, Randall, and Kate at every age, This Is Us is committing to fully exploring all of the moments that led them to where they are in the present. Everything from Kate's strained relationship with her mother to how the Pearson family dealt with the loss of Jack is a mystery. And they're mysteries that can only fully be resolved through the show's use of flashbacks.

Thankfully, This Is Us has always been just as interested in showing viewers where the Pearsons have been as it is in revealing where the family is headed. Now that the full cast has officially been locked down for Season 2, you can sit back and prepare for the talented young stars to continue to blow you away with their compelling performances. And at the same time, you can look forward to finally getting answers to some of the show's most pressing questions.

This Is Us Season 2 doesn't premiere until Sept. 26, but news like this is a reminder why the show is worth the wait.