'This Is Us' Season 2 Hints From The Cast Confirm That There's So Much More To Explore

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The This Is Us Season 1 finale left fans with what feels like 100 unanswered questions. Although the cast and crew probably won't reconvene for Season 2 until the summer, fans and stars of the show have their theories about what's to come. At PaleyFest in Los Angeles over the weekend, executive producer Glenn Ficarra said the show is like "an endless canvas" with many layers and storylines to be explored. "It's kind of like a spiderweb, we're able to go off in all directions," he says to the crowd during the This Is Us panel. Thus, he leaves fans with one big question mark about the show's future.

Between Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) mysterious death, Randall's (Sterling K. Brown) sudden urge to adopt, Kate's (Chrissy Metz) unknown singing future, Kevin's (Justin Hartley) new career path, and Miguel and Rebecca's (Jon Huertas and Mandy Moore) union, fans want some answers. So when catching some of the cast members on the red carpet, I ask them what they can tease for their character's future and what they hope to see unfold.

Because Season 1 ended with Jack walking out after a heartbreaking fight with Rebecca, fans are wondering if they'll see more of the couple's firsts before the separation. Ventimiglia is positive they will.

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"Knowing what the show represents these characters and their lives to be, there are so many different sides to each of them. I think we’d be foolish to believe we’re not going to explore every aspect of the family and them as individuals," he says. "I’m looking forward to keep focusing on that." As Ficarra explains in the panel, fans will see Jack in a whole new light. "I think we might get him from another perspective in other characters [next season]," he says.

Hartley weighs in on Kevin's fate as the actor explores his life's purpose. "I hope he keeps growing and keeps learning and tries to continue down [that] path," says Hartley. "He’s becoming a successful — like, he’s breaking out of that stereotype that he had in his career. Good things are happening to him." He's also pulling for Kevin and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) to make it work. "I hope that gets deeper and deeper and more involved," Hartley says. "I want what he wants and that’s Sophie."

The finale also left Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) on a tense note after Randall dropped the bomb about wanting to adopt a third child with the recent passing of his father weighing on his heart. Watson isn't sure if Beth will ultimately get on board. "Think back at the episode where we found out that I was pregnant, and I really did not want to be," she tells me. "She really does want to find her career and get her life going in a direction as well... I do think it’s gonna be a discussion for next season."

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Chris Sullivan, who plays Kate's love interest Toby, says audiences may learn why his first marriage didn't work and why he's pulling for the couple to be end-game. "I would root for them," he says. "They have been extremely honest with each other so far and extremely vulnerable... I think that those are two very strong building blocks for a long lasting relationship." As Kate pursues her love of singing, Sullivan thinks it could motivate Toby. "As Kate starts to explore her creative dreams, Toby might start doing the same. It's always nice in a partnership when someone leads by example," he explains.

As for Metz, she's ready for an on-screen duo with her TV mom Rebecca. "If [Kate's] gonna sing in a coffee shop or a mini tour, who knows?," Metz tells the crowd at the panel. Moore is hopeful to make it happen as well. "I’ll slap on the prosthetics in two seconds... I can’t really move my mouth too much... but anything to sing with you, Chrissy," she says.

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And perhaps one of the biggest questions of all (besides, of course, how Jack dies): How does Miguel and Rebecca's relationship come to fruition? It may not be long until fans find out or until they're in Miguel's corner. "We're gonna see what happens with Miguel later on and hopefully it'll prove that he's dedicated enough," says Ficarra in the panel. Brown chimes in, saying, "I think once our audience gets to see how [they] got together and it was done in an honorable way, [they] will be like, 'Ah, alright.'" Hard to believe, I know.

As difficult as it seems, I encourage fans to hang tight for Season 2, because this cast and crew is just getting started.