The 'This Is Us' Finale Will Be "Stressful"

by Amy Mackelden

No one needs to be told that the This Is Us finale will be sad. Everyone who has ever seen an episode of the hit NBC show knows that it's a tearjerker akin to Nicholas Sparks. But, for some reason, viewers keep on tuning in to find out more about the Pearson family, hoping to get the answer to that one burning question: How did Jack die on This Is Us? It's still unclear as to whether we'll find out the answer any time soon, but Milo Ventimiglia says the This Is Us finale is "pretty stressful and a little sad." Considering what the tone of the show is already, will the audience have any tears left after watching it?

The actor has been vocal on social media about the heartbreaking story lines on the show and posted a photo of himself crying having watched an episode. In an interview with The Today Show, Ventimiglia revealed that he's seen the This Is Us finale and also knows every detail about Jack's death. While he wouldn't give away any specific details, he followed up describing the final episodes as stressful and sad by saying, "But they're funny!" I'd love to ask him if the end of Season 1 of This Is Us is truly funny, or if I'll just cry a cup full of tears while watching it.

While Ventimiglia wasn't able to reveal any details about Jack's death, he reassured fans that he'll be on the show for the foreseeable future. He said, "Jack will always be around. I think even now, we know in the present day his character is no more, but he will be around even when we reveal his death." It's a relief to find out that the actor won't be leaving This Is Us, even after his character's fate is revealed. It makes sense that Jack would remain on the show, as the character is such a huge presence in the lives of his family.

The cast and crew of This Is Us all seem to understand just how much the audience loves the Pearson family, and Ventimiglia even took to social media to share a sick note for fans who were unable to function as a result of watching it.

Speaking about the photo on The Today Show, the actor said,

"We get a chance to watch... beforehand, and I know how deeply it affected me. I thought, 'I think this is really going to rip people in half, so I'm just going to write you an excuse note.' It's just one of those natural things. I felt responsible as Papa Pearson, 'Take the day off of school or life or work'."

Ventimiglia's fellow cast members have also reiterated how emotional the series is for them all. Chrissy Metz, who plays Jack's daughter Kate on This Is Us, told Yahoo TV, “We get scripts, and we get to bawl our eyes out and try to get it all out before we start shooting," which sounds delightful. Metz also revealed that we'll learn more about Jack's death in Season 2, but the audience will "discover who his passing affected the most by the finale" of Season 1. I guess that something to look forward to, then?