Pennywise Is A Frighteningly Good 'Bachelorette' Contestant In This 'It' Parody

And the final rose goes to a murderous dancing clown. At least if The Late Late Show's James Corden had his way. The BachelorIT, a cleverly titled It-themed Bachelorette parody has Pennywise competing for the final rose. Though, to be honest, he might just prefer another red balloon.

On Monday (Sept. 9), fans got a look at Corden in full Pennywise makeup trying to beat out a whole bunch of personal trainers named Tyler for Ashley's heart. As everyone knows, the best way to find the one is to make him compete in a talent show. As Pennywise, "a murderous clown/personal trainer," explained, he's definitely there for the right reasons. "I'm just really looking forward to getting to know Ashley better," he said sheepishly. "I've been on my own for a long time and I think I deserve love." But, he's also not there to make friends, which Tyler P learned the hard way.

However, he is there to scare the living hell out of his fellow guys—with his talents, of course. When the group date finally starts, the guys get to show off a little. Ones sing an original song, while another juggles apples before someone else makes balloon animals, which kind of feels like stepping on Pennywise's toes. Luckily, Pennywise chose to show off his breakdance moves for his new lady. That guy loves doing the snake as much as he loves his celery juice and singing Seal's "Kiss From A Rose." Oh, and murdering kids.

While the guys aren't quite sure how he got this far in the competition, this Bachelorette finds Pennywise as cute as those It-themed teddy bears Bill Skarsgård gave to his daughter. "I saw a whole new side to Pennywise," Ashley tells the camera about the clown's dance routine.

As those who've seen It Chapter Two know, his comments about wanting kids are a lot more devious than Ashley even knows. So, is Pennywise's charming dance enough to float Ashley's boat? Well, let's just say, be prepared for the most shocking rose ceremony yet.

For those, like Ashley, who find themselves mesmerized by this clown's face, Skårsgard let Corden's fellow late night host Stephen Colbert in on the secret of Pennywise's smile. It's another Skårsgard, his brother Gustaf, Karl Strand on Westworld Season 2, who actually coined the clown's now signature creepy smile.

"Turns out, that about 80 percent of Skårsgards can actually do this smile," the actor admits. "It's weird." He says even his sister, Eija, can do it. Apparently, one Colbert can also master that now famous Pennywise lip curl.

Beyond the Skårsgard genes, another inspiration for Pennywise, he told Colbert, was nature documentaries. "As I was preparing the character," he said, "I was like, 'Oh I guess he's a little bit hyena and a little bit grizzly bear." Specifically, the way he movies his lips to play Pennywise is very much influenced by those bears.

Maybe, that's the move that will help Pennywise become Ashley's forever love. Not to mention, keep things a little safer in Derry, Maine for at least a little while.