This Jon & Tyrion Photo From The 'GoT' Finale Teases An Intense Moment

Somehow, the time has come to bid farewell to Game of Thrones for another year (at least). And even though no one is prepared for the long winter ahead, the recently released Game of Thrones Season 7 finale photos will ease your pain — especially one picture in particular that hints at the showdown the series has been building toward all season long. Jon and Tyrion stand side by side in the dragon pit, and you just know, they have their hard won wight waiting in the wings. This is their one and only shot of making Cersei understand the gravity of the situation that Westeros is in, and just because they have an audience with the queen, that doesn't mean things will go smoothly.

In fact, the looks on Jon and Tyrion's faces suggest they've just heard something that they're not at all happy about. Is it possible that Cersei won't believe her own eyes and dismiss the threat of the White Walker army outright? With a new baby on the way, the queen's focus is sure to be on defending what is hers by any means necessary, and with her enemies within shouting distance this could be her big chance to do real damage to Daenerys.

Sadly, that would mean the cost of Jon's expedition beyond the Wall will be even higher than he expected. Team Daenerys needs Cersei to either back off or join their cause, and if she's not inclined to do either, then the war against the White Walkers is going to be even harder to fight. Having Daenerys' army on the same side as the North and the wildings is a start, but they're down one dragon now, and their supply of fighters is dwindling.

Like it or not, the Lannister twins need to be part of this final battle. But as always, Cersei remains nearly impossible to read in the latest photos. What's even more maddening is that Jaime appears to be looking to his sister, rather than deciding for himself what the best course of action is now that they know about the undead army coming their way.

At least Cersei does look a bit grim. That's no guarantee she's ready to pledge her support or resources to defend the realm against the White Walkers, but at least she's contemplating doing something. It's clear her pregnancy is at the forefront of her mind, and with happiness in reach, ignoring this pesky problem could be easier than addressing it. After all, if the Night's King and his army can keep Daenerys preoccupied, Cersei won't have to worry about defending King's Landing from dragon attacks anytime soon.

The Lannister Queen may see the wight as evidence of a win for her and her brother. But will Jaime agree? He has no love for Daenerys after seeing her decimate his army, but as a soldier, he may not be able to turn away from this battle as easily as his sister.

Jaime is definitely going to make some sort of move in the finale. Two photos feature him with Bronn at what appears to be Casterly Rock (although it could also be the outside of the dragon pit). It's unclear if they make a trek to the Lannister stronghold, or if they are witnessing the arrival of Daenerys' army in time for the meeting between the queens. If these images are from after the parley, then the photos could hint at Jaime being swayed enough by the sight of a wight that he decides to go North.

While the parley between the queens is no doubt going to be the highlight of the super-sized episode, there's plenty of action happening in the North already. There's no sign of Arya after her intense conversation with her sister in the season's penultimate episode, but Sansa appears to be ready to take on someone (or something). Fingers crossed that she has her game face on to deal with Littlefinger and not her assassin sister.

Bran is also finally making his presence in Winterfell known again, so maybe that means he's putting his Three-Eyed Raven powers to good use. If only he would stop being so cryptic and tell his sisters everything he knows about Littlefinger, the Stark family could get back to enjoying their reunion instead of fighting among themselves.

Now that winter is here, their time is too precious to be spent on sibling rivalry.

The final photo features Theon at Dragonstone, and given how little has been seen of him since he jumped ship to avoid facing his uncle, this image may be setting up a story to come in Season 8. Poor Theon's days seem to be numbered, but hopefully this is a sign that he will have one more shot at redemption before the series ends.

Make no mistake, as fascinating as all of these secondary plots are, the meat of Sunday night's finale is sure to come from the meeting between Daenerys and Cersei. The fate of Westeros may very well be in the hands of Cersei, and she's unlikely to be swayed by Jon and Tyrion. One thing is certain, this parley is going to be downright historic — and possibly even deadly.