This Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Moment On 'Very Cavallari' Will Make You Say “Aww”

Nearly eight years after ending her stint on The Hills, Kristin Cavallari gets some major support from her husband as she prepares to embark on her latest televised adventure. A new clip from Cavallari's new E! series, Very Cavallari, features the reality star enlisting the assistance of her husband Jay Cutler to help decide what she should wear for an upcoming photoshoot.

The football quarterback appears to be totally on board with giving his wife a hand and quickly proves that his talents extend far beyond the playing field. He tells her, "You know what though, I think I pick out 98 percent of your clothes. Do people know that I style you?" as he chooses between two looks for the former Laguna Beach star. Later in the snippet, Cutler pulls the sweater over his wife's head and jokes, "I have to pick out your clothes, I have to dress you."

It's a sweet moment for the couple, who wed in 2013, and totally proves that Cutler is settling nicely into the stay-at-home husband and father role amidst recent speculation that he'll be announcing his retirement from the NFL before the upcoming football season.

Another clip shows Cutler talking about picking their children up from school and beating "all the other moms there" to be first in line. Despite his effort to help with the kids, Cavallari is seemingly unsatisfied with the course of her husband's daily routine as she goes on to straight up ask the footballer, "Like honestly, what do you do all day?" He appears to concur with her thoughts, responding, "I like to keep myself pretty free, in case something does pop up."

Amidst the exchange Cavallari is quick to remind him of the effort she's put into their family. "You have to realize how many sacrifices I've had to make over 8 football seasons that we've been together," she quips.

Cavallari and Cutler have three young children Camden (5 years old), Jaxon (3 years old), and Saylor (2 years old) who will not be appearing on the new reality show. Cavallari has remained adamant about keeping her kids out of the limelight once telling E! News, "I don't even really show my kids on social media" while walking the red carpet at NBCUniversal Upfront earlier this year. "They're 5, 4 and 2. When they're old enough to make that decision, that's one thing. For right now, I just want to keep them kids," she explained. When asked if she would allow her children to appear on reality TV back in 2015, Cavallari told Entertainment Tonight "God, I would almost rather my kids play football than do reality TV."

Cavallari's new life as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur appears to be far cry from her days of Laguna Beach and the Hills. Very Cavallari will provide more insight into the transition that she's made over the years and will showcase the the mother of three as she makes the full-time move to Nashville, Tennessee while attempting to launch the flagship location of her company Uncommon James.

Cavallari is committed to being hands-on when it comes to her new brand. The reality star told Us Weekly in April 2017 that she is "involved in every facet of the company, from measuring out the actual jewelry to overseeing all of the shipments to creating the line sheet."

Ahead of the show's premiere, Cavallari shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Very Cavallari which showed her speaking into a walkie talkie.

“Hello, Stephen, this is Kristin. Stephen for Kristin,” she begins in the clip. Someone in the background informs her, “It’s the other way around, Kristin for Stephen.” “I’m literally going to pee my pants,” Cavallari says while laughing at the slip up. However, it would be the post's comments that would garner the most attention when Cavallari’s Laguna Beach co-star and ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti, commented, “Go for Stephen.”

Laguna fans may Cavallari's infamous phrases from the show which included calling her then-boyfriend, “StePhennn!" and referring to her car as “dunzo” when it started smoking during an episode.

While things have changed drastically for Cavallari since those days, some of her humorous shenanigans appear to remain the same and it's great to see that she has the support of her family and friends through it all.