Check Out This Sneak Peek Of 'LEGO Batman'

by Kristie Rohwedder
Warner Bros. Pictures

In just 10 days the followup to 2015's The LEGO Movie will tie on its cape, pull on its mask, and swoop into movie houses. The wait getting to be too much for ya? Well, how about an exclusive clip from The LEGO Batman Movie? Some heroes wear capes, others come in the shape of an exclusive video.

The excerpt opens with LEGO Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett) interrupting LEGO Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson). (Oh, that LEGO Bruce Wayne/LEGO Batman. Forever a charmer.) As LEGO Barbara Gordon talks to a ballroom full of gown-clad LEGOs about crime in LEGO Gotham, LEGO Bruce Wayne gets her attention and asks why she isn’t a fan of his secret alter ego, LEGO Batman. LEGO Barbara Gordon tells LEGO Bruce Wayne that she does not hate the Caped Crusader, but she does take issue with his vigilantism.

“We need to take what’s good about Batman and marry it to actual laws,” LEGO Barbara Gordon tells the gala attendees. “And proper ethics. And accountability. Because my dream is for the police force to team up with Batman. Wouldn’t that be better?”

Before anyone can ask LEGO Barbara Gordon to shed light on what is and isn't good about LEGO Batman, she clicks through her presentation until she lands on the "What's good about Batman" slide. Listed below the title are three exceptional qualities: Lots of cool gadgets, loves punching, excellent brooding.

I would be so honored if someone told me I was a top-notch brooder. Regular brooding is one thing; anyone can quietly furrow their brow. However, being excellent at brooding is another story. A gifted brooder's glares are packed with nuance, their frown the perfect mix of mopey and mysterious. If my brooding skills were good enough to receive a shoutout in a slideshow presentation? Get out of here. LEGO "Excellent Brooder" Batman is a true artist.

You can watch the fun clip below.

Want to see more? The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters on Feb. 10.