This Light-Up Corgi Is The Only Halloween Decoration You Need This Year

by Brittany Bennett
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Here's a question for 2019: Why Jack-o-Lantern when you can Pup-o-Lantern? You can decorate your porch with the same ol' plastic skeletons and tangled mesh cobwebs or you can decorate it with a light up Halloween Corgi because "woof" is the new "boo." The Incandescent Sisal Corgi Dog Halloween Silhouette Light by Hyde & EEK! at Target is an acceptable substitute for carved pumpkins this Halloween. But you can still name it Jack if you want.

This Halloween there's scary, and then there's scary cute. Because the world can be terrifying on any ordinary day, why don't we ditch the tricks and focus mostly on treats this October? Between the corgi decor and all of the delicious Halloween candy already starting to hit shelves, this spooky holiday is shaping up to be wickedly inspiring.

Of course you can go to carving-town if cutting out faces in plump orange pumpkins is your thing. I'm just saying that if you'd like to skip the pumpkin gunk clean up this year, there's a way. The Incandescent Sisal Corgi Dog Halloween Silhouette Light can stand guard on your front stoop. The Corgi light, dressed in a sparkling bumblebee costume, is a great way to welcome treat-or-treaters to your front door. It can be used indoors as well, is as big as an actual Corgi (per customer pictures), retails for $35 and is available for pre-order today. Don't be afraid this Halloween. Be excited, be very excited!

The only scary thing about this Halloween is how far away it is. Is it too early to let your Pup-O-Lantern light up your front porch? The scorching temperatures across the country might indicate yes but I believe that you must listen to your black and orange heart. And I believe that your black and orange heart would say that it is never too early to let your Corgi Dog Light in a bumblebee costume shine.

That's not all that's ~in store~ for Halloween decor at Target. Hyde & EEK! Boutique also makes a Pirate French Bulldog Halloween Silhouette Light that's equally as festive. But if you're more of a ghost person than dog person, you might be interested in the Incandescent Sisal Ghost with Boo Halloween Silhouette Light. This friendly ghost would be thrilled to haunt your front steps.


Decor chat is fun, but let's talk candy. If summer isn't too early to start decorating the house, then it's also appropriate to stock up on treats, right? Lucky for us we don't have to wait until October to get our treat-or-treating on. There are new Halloween treats already beginning to creep into stores. M&Ms' Creepy Cocoa Crisp Halloween flavor for 2019 was spotted at a Target in College Point, New York by Instagrammers @mnmtwinz. The candy features a cocoa crisp center, an outer layer of dark chocolate and the classic candy shell. And you might want to grab a bag to snack on as you await your Corgi Dog Light's arrival.

The Incandescent Sisal Corgi Dog Halloween Silhoutte Light is available for pre-order now. According to my cart, of which this light is absolutely in, customers can expect it to arrive between Aug. 23 and Aug. 28. That gives you a solid two months to flaunt your hauntingly cute Halloween decor. What a treat!

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