This Make-Your-Own Frosé Pop Set Will Save You So Much Money This Summer

If rosé all day is one of your summer goals, you also know that sometimes a chilled glass of your favorite millennial-pink wine isn't enough to keep cool. Well, I have good news my friendlies. You can make your own frosé pops to beat the summer heat, because obviously the only thing better than rosé all day is frosé all day.

If you live in — or are planning a visit to — the U.K., you're going to want to order the Make Your Own Frosé Pops kit from Firebox. The best part is that this kit includes rosé, so you just follow the directions, freeze, and frosé all day. If you're not in the U.K., and you have major FOMO right now, fear not. For you, my frosé-loving friends, there's the Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker from Amazon, because Firebox doesn't deliver their frosé kit to the states.

While you'll have to buy your own rosé, this means you can choose your favorite to ensure your frosé pops are customized to your specific tastes. If you're skeptical about making this pink summer pleasure on your own, reviewers claim to have successfully made their own boozy ice pops using this mold. What's more, the blog Bows & Sequins has a super simple frosé recipe, but you can also make up your own because there are no rules when it comes to frosé.

"I Amazon Prime-Now’d a popsicle making kit, extra sticks, and went to the store to stock up on rosé. I glanced at a few recipes from my phone while parked outside of Whole Foods, but naturally, made my own up as I went," the blogger noted.

"I thought it would take a little bit to figure out, but I became a popsicle-making professional in about two minutes. And to be totally honest, I’m still not exactly sure why wine freezes when alcohol does not, but hey, I’m not the scientist here."

Because wine does indeed freeze, you can just fill up the popsicle molds with your fave rosé and freeze, or you can add chunks of fruit like Bows & Sequins did. This way you can enjoy a little frozen-fruit snack in the middle of every frosé pop. According to Janice Lawandi on The Kitchn, wine freezes when alcohol doesn't because it has a lower alcohol content and also contains water. This means it's pretty hard to mess up making your own frosé pops.

"In the case of beer and wine, the amount of alcohol is quite low, with the rest of the volume consisting of water and solutes (salts, sugars, etc.). Water has a melting point of 0ºC (32ºF)," Lawandi explained. "In your home freezer, beer and wine freeze because they are mostly, but not completely, water."

Basically, if you get your own ice-pop mold, you can start your side hustle as a mad frosé scientist and whip up dozens of your own concoctions to enjoy while floating on your unicorn pool float. Because, summer goals.

"I made a few more batches… Some with raspberries inside, some with strawberries and raspberries inside, you get the idea. And then I had the bright idea of just trying to freeze rosé on it’s own… Like I said, I don’t know why it works, but it does," Bows & Sequins noted.

"Originally, I was adding fruit so there would be some sort of freezable substance, but it’s actually not necessary! And it looks way cooler when the popsicles are clear."

If you're in for a long hot summer, making your own frosé pops is an ideal way to rosé all day while keeping cool and comfy. You're also going to want to share the love and invite your besties over for some homemade frosé pops to beat the heat.

Seriously, even if you've never set foot in a kitchen, if you can freeze water and turn it into ice, you can make your own frosé pops, which is a pretty boss way to try out your first recipe. You literally cannot screw this up, which means your summer frosé all day summer goals are 100 percent attainable. And, don't forget to post your best frosé-all-day snaps to Instagram to celebrate your beautiful pink pops. Cheers!