This MUA Transformed Himself Into Every Sister From 'The Little Mermaid'

by Kim Carpluk
Richard Schaefer

Richard Schaefer is the ruler of Disney princess transformations. In fact, you may remember his stupidly beautiful face from when he went viral in 2016, plastered across social media and websites, including our own. Well he's back at it again, this time transforming himself into Ariel and all the Daughters of Triton from Disney's The Little Mermaid. I don't know about you, but I would happily sign my voice away to Ursula for a chance to look half as beautiful as him.

Schaefer truly has a deep love and appreciation for all things Disney. He's impeccably cosplayed every Disney princess and numerous other characters, like Peter Pan, Aladdin, Judy Hopps from Zootopia, and Jane of Tarzan just to name a few. He's got gadgets and gizmos of plenty, as well as impeccably groomed makeup skills that help him to make it happen. But Schaefer, who goes by the moniker @TheOfficialAriel on Instagram, clearly has the biggest place in his heart for our red-haired, fin-flipping mermaid friend. Now, he's used this affection, as well as his numerous wigs, costumes, and talent, to transform into this princess and her royal family.

In case you've forgotten Ariel's lesser-known mersisters, here's a video to jog your memory:

Schaefer told Bustle that for years, he longed to recreate the looks of these gorgeous gals, but finally found the inspiration and time to do so a week ago. He utilized all the wigs and accessories he already had in his closet, and brought new life to them. He created the costumes and took the images for the seven characters over a short four day span. And we can't help but agree, everything is better under the sea. Just look at these Disney cartoons brought to life!


Even saucier in 3D!


That hair is on point.


Schaefer's kinda killer as a platinum blonde, no?


Seriously, what a flawless human being.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fishiest of them all?


That little headpiece is impeccable.


Last but not least, Schaefer's true form. Just a sensible lounging-around-the-bottom-of-the-sea-floor look.

TBH we're pretty sure he'd even slay King Triton just as easily as he does this #mersistersquad. Schaefer is flawless in every form.

You can see all of Schaefer's Disney confections on his Instagram. Seriously, you'll get lost in there for days. He's even more addicting than the movie characters he emulates.

Congrats Schaefer on another transformation well done!

Please continue to slay us eternally with your creativity and artistry. That'd truly be a happily-ever-after.