Watching TV On Netflix Just Got Even Easier

by Jordana Lipsitz

Many of us spend a great deal (or too much) of our time Netflix and chilling. So much time that a TIME article in 2016 reported that Netflix members streamed 42.5 billion hours worth of programming in 2015. And now, Netflix has made marathoning all the easier, so expect those streaming hours to hit the roof in 2017. Expect to spend way more weekends than usual excusing yourself to your friends by saying, "Ahem... I'm sick. I think I caught some sort of flu," fake coughing, and proceeding to head to your nearest screening device to roll through all your favorites — all weekend long. The new button to skip the opening credits will have you like, "Best friend's bachelorette party, what?" Who needs real friends when you can have TV friends, am I right or am I right? Don't worry, I know I'm right.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new "skip intro" button was discovered by geniuses over at Reddit about a month ago. The button pops up when the title sequence begins on not only Netflix original shows like Jessica Jones and Stranger Things, but also your favorite third-party shows. The feature is ideal for when you've reached the cliffhanger end of an episode and need to know what happens next immediately. No 20 seconds of frivolous theme music and title cards explaining who worked on whatever we're watching. (That's what IMDb is for. Geez.)

This awesome new function comes along with a few other changes to the user review format, which were reported by Variety. Back in the dizz-ay, users could rate series on Netflix with a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Now, marathoners get to act like they are Siskel & Ebert, or the Muppets' Statler and Waldorf, or a person on Pandora and rock the thumbs-up or thumbs-down, depending how they feel about what they just watched.

But Netflix didn't stop there: The streaming service also reportedly headed into OkCupid territory by adding a percent-match feature that shows how good of a match a specific show is for a user. So for me, Buffy would get a 98 percent and that 98 percent would show proudly, meanwhile Thomas and the Runaway Kite (no offense to the popular children's series) would be a less than 50 percent match and that low number wouldn't even be displayed.

With these new features, there is literally no reason to ever, ever, ever leave your house. Have your groceries delivered in. Find a job where you can work from home. You can skip the credits now, guys. It's time to be at one with the Netflix, unless you use the Netflix app instead of watching through a web browser, because it's not clear if the function is available through the app. Regardless, the Netflix Singularity is upon us — get hyped.