This Over-The-Top Valentine's Day Eyeshadow Proves That Self-Expression Is The Best Part Of The Holiday

by Kali Borovic

A search on YouTube for "Valentine's Day Makeup" will bring up a million smokey eyes, red lips, and dewy skin how-tos. But search for it on Instagram makeup artist Ashley Strong's page, and you'll find over-the-top Valentine's Day makeup that will celebrate what the holiday is all about — self-expression. Strong combines her love of makeup with creativity to come up with looks that will inspire you to embrace your love for makeup in the best way.

There's a moment in everyone's beauty routine where they sit down and think about what makeup they'll do that day. Valentine's Day brings some very specific looks to mind, but Strong is breaking all of the traditions in the best way possible. You might remember the makeup artist for her Christmas wreath eye makeup. Well, that wasn't just a one-time gift. She's created Valentine's Day looks that are just as intense.

While Strong does have the classic thick-liner and bold-lip looks on her social media page, she's not afraid to embrace the color. In honor of the upcoming holiday, she's created a super-bright pink smokey eye with light pink heart drawn on, a bow and arrow inspired lower liner look, and even the pink cut crease to end all cut creases.

To say that Strong is talented is to say the least. What these makeup creations really do is inspire people to think about makeup in a new way. Instead of focusing on the classic, sexy look for Valentine's Day, Strong encourages people to think about self-expression instead, whether she knows she's doing it or not.

The makeup artist owns every single look she creates — even the over-the-top ones. She doesn't just post these incredible makeup tutorials in the comfort of her own room. She wears them out as well. Because makeup is as much about feeling great about yourself, as it is showing off your incredible skills.

That's especially so right around Valentine's Day, which can largely be associated with trying to impress a loved one rather than loving yourself. This February, Strong is inspiring people to create looks that makes them feel good. If nothing else, just taking a scroll through Strong's page will change the way you see the holiday.

As unconventional as these looks may be, they all stem from classic looks that you've probably already created. Instead of a dark, smokey eye, Strong opts for a bright one instead. Or picks up a pink liquid liner instead of the classic black. It's all about taking the basics and spicing it up a bit.

Okay, so drawing quirky doodles on your lids probably isn't the most conventional. But Strong's not giving tutorials on how to get the look. Instead, she's sharing her own creativity and inspiring others to do the same. The social media makeup artist also shares the makeup that she uses, so you can try it yourself though.

Strong doesn't just create these stunning looks for the holidays, either. She creates incredible, full-glam and colorful looks all throughout the year as well. I'm talking glossy lips, hot pink liners, and gorgeous lashes all year around. Because when you're this devoted to self-expression, every single day is one worth celebrating.

Strong's nearly 85,000 followers on Instagram love her looks so much that she's created a YouTube page recently as well. She give tutorials, talks about products she loves, and answers some of the makeup questions she gets asked the most. Basically, she just became your new go-to dose of self-expression that you need.

Because, let's be honest, whether it's a holiday surrounded by love or not, we could all use a little more self-love in our lives.