This Paris Fashion Week MUA Has Your Next…

Warm summer days are great for things like barbeques, nights by the bonfire, and dips in the pool — but all those fun seasonal activities can wreak havoc on your makeup, especially your foundation. Luckily, Allure chatted with a Paris Fashion Week MUA who shared the name of her favorite waterproof foundation, and it's a product most people haven't heard of.

Allure caught up with makeup artist Lisa Butler backstage, where she was styling during a Haute Couture show. Naturally, the conversation turned to what waterproof makeups the MUA uses to keep models looking fresh on runways when they're dealing with laser-like beams of heat from overhead lights coming down on them.

Butler said she uses a product by fairly new liquid mineral makeup brand Illuminaré, called Concealing Mineral Foundation. "I have like twenty tubes, it lasts for ages — it just covers, and it doesn't move. It's amazing stuff," she said, adding that she has zero problems with the makeup running off her models when she uses it.

Though the foundation is, according to Butler, a niche product and not very well known (yet!), you can nab it right now on Illuminaré's website for just $29 per tube. Unfortunately there are only five shades currently available, most of them on the light end of the skin tone spectrum, but Butler also told Allure the shades are easy to mix for customization.

Concealing (Extra Coverage) Mineral Foundation, $29,

Shades you can purchase include Amalfi Alabaster, Portofino Porcelain, Florentine Fair, Sienna Sun, and Tuscan Toast. Illuminaré also produces Moisturizing Mineral Foundation, which has a "soft luminous finish" and can be locked in with a translucent face powder, and Mattifying Mineral Foundation, which is oil-absorbing and which Illuminaré says "will not rub off or sweat off and is highly water resistant."

If you end up a fan of Illuminaré's products, there's more good news — the brand also makes mineral-based blushes (which have built-in sunscreen), eye colors, and lippies.

While it's one of summer's greatest joys, water is also the season's biggest bane for makeup lovers. But thanks to brands like Illuminaré, a full makeup cabinet of perfectly waterproof products is well within reach.