This Paris Hilton & Kris Jenner Throwback Photo Is Pure Nostalgia

Entrepreneur, former reality star, DJ, and socialite extraordinaire Paris Hilton recently celebrated her 36th birthday. I know, it's kinda mind-blowing that Hilton is well into her thirties. Who else remembers watching the series premiere of The Simple Life like it was yesterday? Hard to believe that show originally aired over 16 years ago. Even harder to believe: There was a time that Hilton was an even bigger star than her brief BFF Kim Kardashian — who is now arguably one of the most famous women in the world. Like, can you imagine someone pushing a Kardashian aside to get a selfie with just Hilton? Yeah, me neither. Oh, how things can change over the course of a decade.

In celebration of Hilton's 36th birthday, Kris Jenner posted a 15-year-old throwback from the heiress' 21st birthday party at Studio 54 in New York City. Jenner wished Hilton a happy birthday, and captioned the Instagram photo with kind words:

Now, brace yourself. This picture is going to give you major nostalgia.

BTW, who doesn't love a good birthday tiara? One of my goals in life is to attend a taping of The Wendy Williams Show on my birthday. Williams encourages member of her studio audience (whom she refers to as "cohosts") to wear tiaras on their birthdays, because — as we can all agree — there's nothing more fabulous you can wear on your birthday than a tiara.

Tiaras aside, it's pretty awesome seeing Hilton and Jenner embracing in that photo. It definitely reminds me of days gone by when Hilton and Kardashian were frequently photographed BFFs and paparazzi darlings.

Talk about an iconic duo.

Kardashian (who's new hair color seems somewhat Hilton-inspired) also wished her former best friend good wishes on her birthday.

Is it me, or does the end of Kardashian's tweet seem to suggest that she'll be celebrating with Hilton in person in the near future? I mean wouldn't it be epic to see new photos of the two together? One can only hope.