Kim Kardashian Has Blonde Hair Again & It Will Give You Major Flashbacks — PHOTOS

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there's one thing that the Kardashians love, it's a great social media makeover moment. So it only makes sense that shortly following her recent Instagram and Snapchat comeback, Kim Kardahian has blonde hair again. The look is similar to when she was platinum before, but she debuted the look along with one of her most beloved hairstyles.

I don't know how Kardashian does it, but she looks great with every single hair color she tries out. After having long, dark locks at the Yeezy Season 5 Show, the social media star is switching it up a bit. Kardashian posted a string of selfies on Snapchat showing off her blonde hair, and, just time like the first time she went light, it looks like the hair change is real.

Kardashian posted the pictures just before Paris Hiltons birthday party, so it's possible that this could be a short-lived hair makeover inspired by her perennially blonde friend. Last time Kardashian went blonde, she admitted that it cause some serious damage to her hair though. I'm willing to bet that she'll be rocking the bright locks for a little while. She paired the new style with a "wet hair" look, which is one of her favorite trends.

The haircut is a lot shorter than when she went blonde the first time around, but the color is almost identical.

Kim Kardashian Snapchat

Can we pause from the hair to talk about that eye makeup really quick? I'm absolutely loving her use of color. It's so much different than her usual subtle, smokey eye. Bringing the early '00s blue eyeshadow back for her early '00s friendship is also a subtle nod to the past. Not to mention that it's a great way to add a pop of color, now that she has the blonde locks.

Kim Kardashian Snapchat

If this doesn't inspire you to try something new for spring, — whether it's hair or makeup — then I don't know what will. Something tells me that this is the first of many transformations we'll see from Kardashian in the months to come.