This Little Girl’s Reaction To Trying Pizza For The First Time Just Made Her A Twitter Icon

It was the main course at every birthday party you attended growing up, and remains the basis of perhaps the most well-known culinary rivalry between states in the union: pizza. Whether you prefer the large, thin crust variety New Yorkers crave or Chicago deep dish, chances are you have had your fair share of slices. No other meal is equally appropriate fare after a night on the town and during an Italian getaway. But do you remember your first taste ever? Jody Avirgan, a podcaster for 30for30 and FiveThirtyEight, captured his daughter's reaction to her first bite of pizza in a tweet Saturday, and her expression is so iconic that it has already gone viral.

One of the many amazing things about babies is their total lack of regard for other people's opinions. A complete absence of self-consciousness is a rarity, and extremely refreshing this day and age — the 50,000 people who have retweeted and 225,000 who have liked the tweet of baby Avirgan agree. Plus, she is not alone in her unbridled passion for yummies. Shortly after Jody posted the photo of his daughter's ascent into another pizza-filled dimension, other users chimed in with similar stories of their little ones seeing (or tasting, rather) the light for the first time (the light being a snack naturally).

Few foods capture people's hearts (and palates) like pizza does, but one that definitely comes close is bacon.

With this development, it did not take long for someone to suggest the natural next step for baby Avirgan's ever-expanding culinary repertoire.

Other users shared gifs, because it can be hard to fully capture one's feelings through the written word.

This, in turn, led to another epiphany:

Many of the responses to Jody's photo resemble the aforementioned sentiments, but some users chimed in with similar experiences they have had with their own babies.

But bar-none, the most common theme shared by responses to the photo of the newest convert to the church of cheesus crust allude to how relatable this baby's reaction is — even to adults.

As one would expect, the experts on make-at-home pizza gave their two cents as well:

This is far from the first time the internet has been entranced by the magic of baby's first bite. You may remember the video of a baby's first taste of bacon that went viral in late 2015. The little dude is so overcome with emotion about the newly discovered cured meat snack, he enters a state of pure bliss and all but leaves his own little body for an alternate dimension, unavailable to adults who have been too hardened by this earth to experience a comparable level of unadulterated joy.

These reactions, though fun to view as inexplicable spiritual awakenings, are actually somewhat rooted in science. The fat and salt content in pizza that make it so irresistible also make it addictive. In fact, the high concentration of fat present in cheese triggers the the same pleasure sensors that are affected by opioid medications. With this in mind, the baby Avirgan's reaction to her first taste actually makes a good deal of sense.

If you think about it, life is filled with firsts. Every time you do something new you are experiencing that thing for the first time — and you will never experience it for the first time again. Chances are you are experiencing new things all the time, but fail to realize it. They may not all be as exciting as the first taste of pizza, but there is something to be said about the value of any new experience.

Perhaps everyone should take a page out of the book of this baby, and tackle all of life's little firsts with open arms and the enthusiasm one feels when trying their first slice.