Ariana Grande Just Posted A Childhood Picture & You NEED To See Her Hair

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande has been rocking a ponytail for the vast majority of her music career. The style has become synonymous with the singer, but it turns out that the pony has been around a lot longer than people may have thought. This photo of young Ariana Grande proves a ponytail has always been her go-to look, and you've got to see baby Ari for yourself.

On Aug. 15, Grande took to her Instagram for a little throwback Thursday moment. The "Boyfriend" singer posted what seems to be a headshot from when she was much younger, and surprise! She's rocking her iconic high ponytail.

While the ponytail isn't quite a voluminous and long as its current iteration, the look is certainly one that fans will recognize. Grande's childhood pony sits high atop her head just like her current one and comes down to frame her face. Grande herself is certainly aware of the similarities.

In the caption of the Instagram photo, Grande wrote, "if anything .... she’s consistent." Nothing has ever been more true. From tour stops to music videos to public and television appearances, Grande almost always has some form of a ponytail, and that may very well have started when she was a kid based on her photo.

Grande isn't ignorant to the popularity of her ponytail either. While the childhood photo is the latest acknowledgement that the style is her signature, she's also inspired other celebrities to try the look as well.

Most recently, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown channeled Grande's look at the season three premiere of the hit Netflix series. While the event was back in June, Brown recently posted a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the premiere showcasing her getting ready, and an ultra-long ponytail is a main feature.

It wasn't just the ponytail, though. Brown set the footage to what else? Ariana Grande's new single.

Brown isn't the only major star who has rocked a Grande-inspired pony, though. In Nov. 2018, fellow singer Camila Cabello attended the MTV European Music Awards and decided to rock a pony like Grande's. Cabello even took to Twitter and explained that it was her first time trying the style and asked Grande how she handles the pain.

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Grande, ever the gracious style inspo, replied jokingly that Cabello actually has hair so it probably hurts more, but she then moved on to admit that she's actually in pain all the time but doesn't care.

By the middle of Cabello's evening, she couldn't hack it and responded to Grande admitting that she had to remove the pony because of the pain and even added the hashtag #ThankUNext.

Not only has Ariana Grande's ponytail inspired other celebrities to give the style a go, but its been the star's signature look for way longer than anyone may have thought. The photo of young Ariana Grande proves that the pony tail has always been and a staple, and based on her own defense of the look, that doesn't seem like it'll be changing any time soon.