There's A New 'PLL' Theory About Noel Kahn

by Amy Mackelden

Now that Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars has started, the countdown to the reveal of A.D. has well and truly begun. But fans still have several unanswered questions about the show's midseason finale, "The DArkest Knight", which aired way back in Aug. 2016. And, if you haven't already seen Season 7, Episode 10 of PLL, then beware, as there are spoilers ahead. As fans of the show already know, Noel Kahn's role in the midseason finale was shocking, and even saw the demise of one of the show's key antagonists. But, a new Pretty Little Liars theory about Noel Kahn hints that there was another person there when he died. Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, explores that theory in this week's episode.

As everyone likely remembers in perfect detail, Noel was beheaded in the Season 7A midseason finale. While his death was apparently an accident (he fell on to an axe that just happened to be facing blade up), not everyone is convinced that Noel actually died. For instance, Bustle's Martha Sorren isn't buying Noel's death at all, especially as several characters on the show have already used so many super, realistic masks to fool other people. What if Noel didn't die, but someone else wearing a mask of his face did? She's also suspicious as Noel is such a regular topic of conversation, still, which could suggest he might be alive. Anything is possible in Rosewood, after all.

Bustle's Christine Distasio believes that there was a mystery person in the room when Noel died, and that this person was also responsible for taking Jenna. In Season 7, Episode 11, the Liars also discussed the possibility that there was someone else there who was responsible for shooting Spencer. Could this mystery person be A.D., and might it be someone that the Liars all know?

In true Pretty Little Liars style, this theory is all kinds of complicated, but could take us another step closer to figuring out who A.D. is. After all, if Noel isn't dead, then he could be the one bringing Jenna cups of tea, and continually harassing the Liars. Or, if Noel did die in the midseason finale, then A.D. might have been in the room, watching the Liars squirm, which is creepy and in character.

With only eight episodes left, PLL will gradually reveal its finally mysteries. Whether or not Noel is actually dead will hopefully be one of them.