This Royal Wedding Reception Detail Will Make You Wish You'd Received An Invite All Over Again

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While many people dreamed of attending the royal wedding, only a select few actually received an invite. One of those lucky attendees was Meghan Markle's close friend Janina Gavankar, who shared a fun new detail about the royal wedding reception, as well as her take on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's big day. In an interview with Town & Country, Gavankar praised the couple for the way they handled the pressure of having the world watch them say "I do," and all of the beautiful ways that they made their wedding a coming together of two cultures.

Gavankar, who is known for her roles in shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, caught the media's attention thanks to her vintage orange dress. Her unique style stood out, even though the last thing she wanted to do was draw attention to herself at her pal's wedding. The actor explained that she ended up rocking her '30s-era dress and '40s-era hat out of necessity. Her stylist, Niki Schwan, had trouble finding designers to dress her client, so they turned to Hollywood's Western Costume's vintage collection instead, according to Town & Country. The result was a stylish look that no one could stop talking about, but for Gavankar the day was all about Markle and Harry. She told the magazine,

"As long as it's going to be public, you might as well make the best of it and show the world what you stand for together, and they did that. Even just in who they chose as musicians. They chose to include parts of both of their cultures. I love that they're not ignoring that this is an unusual moment in history, and celebrating its sweetness is something that they did."

Despite the grand nature of the event, Gavankar revealed that it felt intimate to the guests who were seated in the quire, close to where the bride and groom exchanged vows. "If you were in the chapel, it felt like a small wedding because we didn't see Meghan's massive walk up the church aisle that preceded the [quire]," Gavanker explained to Town & Country. "It felt like we were just right there with her, with both of them."

That feeling of privacy definitely extended to the reception. Guests have largely kept mum about what everyone got up to at the exclusive event, and Gavankar is no different. However, she did reveal one detail that speaks to just how adorable the royal couple truly is. In a nod to their different backgrounds, Harry and Markle named each table at the reception after a word that's said differently in the U.K. and the States. Gavankar explained to Town & Country,

"Potato, potato, tomato, tomato, oregano, oregano. It was so sweet. There were so many nods to the beautiful mashup of two cultures."

As for the reception itself, it sounds as if it was an unforgettable party. She told the magazine, "We all danced until the wee hours. We partied and celebrated and ate sliders at 2 in the morning. It was such a beautiful day and a carefree night, and it was a very powerful day in history. And I think everybody felt it across the world."

It's been a week since Prince Harry and Markle's wedding day, but their union still has the world talking. And it's definitely a day that their friends and family will never forget. Gavankar may have had trouble finding the perfect outfit for her friend's wedding day, but ultimately, she arrived in style and was there to support Markle as she embarked on an exciting new chapter.