Someone Invented A Keyboard Where The Keys Look Like Scrabble Tiles & You’ll Want One Immediately

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you spend all of your time hunched over your keyboard, you know the thrill of a novelty keyboard. A unicorn-colored keyboard once saved me from a mid-year work slump, making my fingertips excited to dance upon colors and reinvigorating my work ethic, exponentially. That said, you better believe I'm adding to my wish list the official Scrabble computer keyboard. Because the only thing more exciting then bright colors in the work place, is games in the workplace. And even better, this game-playing is totally on the DL, and if your boss were to walk by it would look like you were hard at work, rather than tallying up the score of your G-chat log.

As reported by Gizmodo, the Massdrop collaboration keyboard has been officially licensed by Hasbro, making it a pretty necessary purchase if you're a diehard Scrabble enthusiast — which is everyone right? I mean, how can you play the slow-moving, uber-frustrating game for hours without having a deep passionate love for it? Either you're a Scrabble person or you're not, but likely if you clicked this article it's because this keyboard is a dream come true for you and you don't need much convincing to get one.

They keyboard features ivory letter keys that mimic the light wooden tone of the game pieces, perfectly. The control keys are colored with blue, teal, pink and red keys for a little retro friendly flair. What's more, the keyboard comes with some extra keys that you can swap in, featuring: triple word score, double word score, triple letter score, and double letter score. Though, unless you're an advanced typist who knows by heart where all the letter keys lie, you might be pretty confused and have a hard time typing if you do swap them in. Though honestly, at this point in our technological lives we should all be able to type without seeing what letter the key is, our hands know the keyboard dance pretty damn well.

The only disappointment you'll find with this very well branded keyboard is that it does not automatically tally your word choices or sync to a Scrabble app. It's solely a novelty keyboard meant for sprucing up your work desk and giving you something fun to look at. However, because the keys are actually labeled with points, you could technically tally up your score on your own, which won't be too difficult. I've already alerted my group chat and advised them all to order the keyboard so that we can tally up our conversations and compete to write the emails with the most amount of points to help us get through the work day.

And if you haven't checked out Massdrop before — it's a marketplace that sells amazing products geared towards their community's interests, directly to their community — you should browse through their keyboards because they make some other gorgeous and fun themes that will add a similar rejuvenation to your depressing work desk. From galaxy designs to aluminum keys and wooden accessories, Massdrop lets you have fun with your computer set up so it looks, well, less serious, and more you. And as someone who has been wooed by novelty computer accessories in the past, let me tell you, a little zhoosh on the old desk goes a long way. After all, you spend most of your time at your desk, so you should enjoy sitting there. And if a little color and a little innovation or novelty makes it more enjoyable to be there, why not? Think about all the thought you put into decorating your home — and you probably spend more time at your desk!