This Shark Mouth Pool Float Is The Ultimate Pool Accessory For Shark Week

Animal-themed pool floats are amazing and ~obviously~ the hottest summer accessory in the game, right? Here's a good ol' chronological history of animal pool floats to refresh your memory: First, we had the celeb-adored swan pool floats (thank you @Taylor Swift for starting this trend). After that came the many varieties of unicorn floats. Then, came the adorable sausage dog one.

But now, just in time for the hottest months of 2018, we're all being blessed with the shark mouth pool float, where you can hang loose right in the inflatable shark's mouth. How badass, if I do say so myself.

Live out your inner Jaws fantasy and start marathonning some Shark Week shows and get psyched to float away your worries with your new BFF (yes, I'm talking about the pool float, and yes, I stand by it).

If you're looking for more adventure and to make your shark pool float dreams come true IRL, you're in luck. In honor of Shark Week's 30th birthday, Discovery Channel and Princess Cruises are teaming up to bring adventurers and shark fanatics experiences of a lifetime. Shark-themed cruise vacations start at just $549 for seven days of pure shark fun and adventure. From shark-themed cocktails to tattoos to even shark tooth jewelry (circa early 2000s — I'm cringing just thinking about this), your inner shark will come alive and all of your wildest oceanic dreams will come true.

If you're a daredevil at heart, some packages even offer up-close-and-personal encounters with the sharks, so get suited up, ASAP. If you're feeling less than brave, though, this pool float is still probably your best bet.

Even if you're not a shark fan but love fun pool floats and animals (because who doesn't), you can still have some fun this summer with some other perfectly-Instagrammable, animal-themed floats. Get your swimsuit on and get snappin' away some pics:

1Sausage Dog Floats

Giant Premium Inflatable Wiener Dog Float Lounger

Kool Pool, Inc.

The only thing better than an IRL pupper is a pool float version that you can ride on and play with, without the actual fuss and responsibility of caring for a pet. It's equally as cute and playful as a real-life sausage dog.

2This Butterfly Float That'll Make You Look Like an IRL Butterfly


Say hello to the most Instagrammable accessory of the summer. For a cool $148, you can transform yourself into a gorgeous, summer-esque butterfly (sans the cocoon). This pool float may cost a pretty penny, but isn't it worth it? Think about all the 'grams, people!

3Flounder and Sebastian Floats from The Little Mermaid

Flounder and Sebastian Pool Floats - Oh My Disney

Shop Disney

Turn your Disney dreams into reality. Even if you can't make it down to Disney World or Disneyland, you can still have your fair share of Disney-themed fun from the comfort of your own home and pool. Play around with Flounder and Sebastian-themed floats all summer long.

4This Unique Take on The Swan Float

David Shrigley Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing Pool Float

Urban Outfitters

Swan floats may be tired, but with this unique spin on the classic pool float, I promise you'll stand out amongst the crowd. This float is eccentric, funky, and has its own sense of humor — it'll stand out at any pool party this summer. Basically, this is the face I make whenever I'm at any party ... could've been home watching some Netflix in air conditioning, right?!

5This Majestic Llama

FUNBOY For UO Llama Pool Float

Urban Outfitters

From the creators of the butterfly pool float comes the equally-as-Instagrammable and absolutely adorable llama float. I've always dreamed about owning a llama, and this is the closest I'll get to actually owning one as a pet in NYC — so dreams really do come true! It's playful, perfect, and all-around amazing, so what can be better than that? Snag it on sale for $59 (originally $79!) on Urban Outfitters.

6This Cow Float That Is A Real Moooooooo-d

Swimline LOL™ 54-in Cow inflatable Ride-On Pool Toy


This pool float is gigantic and is affordable AF, which means I must have it in my hands ASAP. The float is large enough to fit two kids or one adult, so there's plenty of room to ride the waves (err, pool) all summer long. Milk not included.

So moral of the story: Whether you're a die-hard shark lover or prefer different animals, the options are limitless when it comes to animal-themed pool floats. Get yours in the pool, STAT!