The BTS Of Shay Mitchell's Instagram Is Intense

by Amy Mackelden
Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Having starred in Pretty Little Liars since 2010, Shay Mitchell has become synonymous with her character Emily Fields. But with only a handful of episodes left, she's about to say goodbye to Emily forever. But, fans needn't worry about the star post-show. Shay Mitchell is moving on from Pretty Little Liars and onto new exciting things. Her show on Fullscreen, Shay Mitchell: Chapters, will document these major life changes for her fans to watch. And, Bustle has an exclusive clip of Friday's episode which reveals just how much thought Mitchell puts into what her fans see of her life.

When it comes to fans, Mitchell's social media accounts are evidence of just how popular she's become since the start of PLL. With over 16.5 million Instagram followers, almost 2 million YouTube subscribers, and 3.54 million followers on Twitter, Mitchell is not just an influencer, but a savvy businesswoman. Carving out a niche all her own, Mitchell is building a recognizable brand by inviting fans into her life.

For instance, her YouTube channel boasts content like "Shaycation", which takes viewers around the world whenever Mitchell travels, and "Shay's Kitchen," in which the actor shares her healthy eating advice and recipes with her fans. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that the latest episode of Shay Mitchell: Chapters explores the amount of time that the PLL star dedicates to her social media presence.

As the latest episode demonstrates, social media means a lot of different things to Mitchell. She describes creating her posts as "work," and has a visible team of people helping her to create and style her photos, and make decisions about which content to post online. Basically, it takes a team to run Mitchell's online empire, and they're obviously doing something right.

But the clip is also evidence of Mitchell's gratitude to her fans. Mitchell says, "I love having all of these different platforms on which to connect with my fans, and to speak about what's important to me, and them." The actor is extremely comfortable on the internet, and it's where she can speak her mind, advocate, and represent her millions of fans worldwide.

As Mitchell says, "I wanted to invite fans into my life, find new ways to connect with them," and she has certainly achieved that since she took on the role of Emily Fields. Shay Mitchell: Chapters makes it obvious that the actor's multi-faceted career is just beginning, and that she has a bright future ahead of her.