This Tweet About The New ‘Last Jedi’ Trailer Will Make Fans So Sad

by Nicole Pomarico
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With the highly anticipated release of the next Star Wars movie just over a month away, fans now have new footage from the film to analyze. On Wednesday night, a new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered during the World Series, featuring more clips of our favorite characters in action, like Luke, Rey, and even Leia. But there's something really sad about the trailer, and it could be a hint that Episode 8 will be a bit of an emotional one.

After the trailer debuted, a fan on Twitter pointed out something very important: How different Luke and Han's reactions were when they returned to the Millennium Falcon for the first time after being separated from that time in their lives and that vehicle for years. Why? Well, it probably has something to do with the fact that one of the most essential members of Luke's crew is missing.

As the new promo begins, we can see Luke take his first steps into the ship, and he doesn't look happy to be there. Considering how dark his character seems to have become (judging by his appearance at the end of The Force Awakens and the earlier trailers for The Last Jedi, anyway), it's not too surprising to see him looking so solemn. But his face goes far past serious and into sad territory, and it's heartbreaking to see.

And after seeing one fan's take on it from Twitter, it seems even sadder. Look at the difference between Luke entering the Falcon for the first time in The Lost Jedi and Han entering it in The Force Awakens.

It makes sense. For Han, his time spent in the Millennium Falcon were his glory days. It's where he fell in love with Leia, rebelled against the empire, spent hours with Chewie. Before he met Luke and Leia, Han spent most of his time alone, but then he had all of these adventures that took place on this ship. Since then, his life had become lonely once again. He was without Leia, and his son, Kylo Ren, had turned into kind of a jerk and joined the Dark Side. Returning to it meant being reminded of a happier time for Han, when he was a legend.

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But when Luke returns, he's not happy at all, because something major has changed. Han Solo is dead (just one of the reasons why Kylo Ren is the worst) and since the Millennium Falcon was Han's ship and is basically everything Han is wrapped up in an inanimate object, it's understandable that Luke would be hit with a wave of grief once he walked inside, possibly for the first time since finding out his old friend is dead.

And even if it doesn't just have to do with Han's death — of course, we don't know when Luke finds out about it yet — for Luke, the time he spent in the Falcon was pretty dark for him. Yeah, good things happened, like defeating the empire and all that, but he lost the family that raised him, found out that his father was Darth Vader, and that he had a sister he'd never known about... and those are just the big things. After all, a good amount of trauma probably comes from finding out the man who is trying to destroy everything you know and love is your father and then watching him die in front of you. Considering all that happened to Luke then, the Millennium Falcon doesn't necessary bring back nothing but happiness for him, even if he did have some good times there.

Besides, we have no idea what happened to Luke in the time since we saw him last. His character (and his life) has clearly changed a lot, and his expression going back into the Falcon is a reminder of that.

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While The Force Awakens actually felt a bit lighter than past Star Wars movies, especially in the humor department, this promo could be a sign that we can't expect the same out of The Last Jedi. Hopefully, there will still be those moments of comic relief (and with BB-8 around, there would have to be), but where Luke's storyline will go — and how Han's death will affect the films to come — is anyone's guess at this point.

Of course, December 15 isn't that far away, so there's not much longer to go before we find out what returning to the Millennium Falcon means to Luke... and the answers to all those questions about what he's been doing all this time.