This Taylor Swift Solar Eclipse Theory Will Make You Question Everything

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After deleting everything from her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on Friday, Taylor Swift is making her return to social media... and possibly to music, too. On Monday morning, Swift posted a mysterious video across all of her social media channels as yet another sign that she's up to something exciting. And although she didn't offer up a caption or any explanation, it looks like there's a chance that Swift's album could be related to Monday's solar eclipse — something that had already become a popular fan theory.

The theory first emerged last week when Swift's photos and tweets started disappearing. With the solar eclipse set to occur Monday — something that can be seen as symbolizing disruption of what is currently happening or change — it seemed like the perfect time for a new beginning in Swift's career, especially since her last album, 1989, was released almost three years ago. Some fans think that she's planning her album around the event (and maybe even theming it to the eclipse), and after the video she posted, it seems more likely than ever that this theory could be true.

There are a few reasons behind the theory, which one fan compiled on Twitter here:

And here is the video Swift shared:

It's hard to tell exactly what the video is, but it looks like a snake that is shedding its skin — something else that symbolizes a new beginning. Combine that with the fact that the video went live on the same day of the eclipse, and it seems inevitable that there has to be some kind of connection there.

As for the Tumblr thing, as another fan on Twitter pointed out, the names of the colors from Swift's new Tumblr theme all have to do with space. These can be found if you view the page source while on Swift's Tumblr page.

And although this fact didn't make it to that list, it's still true: According to NASA, snake-like shapes called shadow bands can appear on the ground during an eclipse. They are said to look like "ripples of sunshine at the bottom of a swimming pool." Could that be what the snake in the video is connected to?

It's too soon to tell whether this all means that Swift will be releasing new music on Monday or in the coming days or weeks, but one thing's for sure: It's finally safe to get excited about whatever she has up her sleeve. No matter what it is, only Swift could manage to upstage the first total solar eclipse to reach the United States in 99 years. She better have something just as epic planned.