This Is Why Fans Think PJ & Jon Are Related On 'Million Little Things'

David Bukach/ABC

Delilah may be keeping the identity of her newborn daughter's real father under wraps, but she isn't the only character on A Million Little Things harboring a major secret from their child. Barbara Morgan has been doing something very similar with her son PJ. The only problem is that he's now aware that he's been lied to for all of his life about who his real dad is, though, it may be even more complicated than he even realizes. One theory about PJ's dad on AMLT suggests that his identity may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Reddit user Gingerblossom88 recently argued the possibility that Jon is actually PJ's real father instead of Dave, who fans learned during the Season 1 finale was Barbara's college boyfriend (and Jon's roommate) who died in the September 11 attacks. Barbara became aware of the pregnancy shortly after Dave died, and since Jon wasn't able to be there for her, she ended up marrying Mitch Nelson, who has served as PJ's father figure ever since.

But Gingerblossom88 believes there could be even more layers to this story, pointing out that PJ's name in and of itself could hint at PJ's true parent. The "P" stands for Patrick, but what about that "J"? Could it possibly stand for Jon, a nod to his real father? Not to mention the fact that PJ seems to look a lot more like Jon than Dave, the latter of which has much lighter hair.


"The fact that he's named PJ (prob for Patrick Jonathan) instead of PD (Patrick David) and that he looks so much like jon can't be a coincidence," Gingerblossom88 explained, while noting that PJ also seems to struggle with depression just like Jon, which can be passed down in a family.

PJ has been getting pulled into Jon's world longer before he began question who his father was. He met Rome by pure coincidence and is now taking therapy sessions with Maggie. (Granted, Maggie never actually met Jon, but she's now become fully immersed in the world of his friends and family.) It's hard to say how long it will take for Rome and Maggie to figure out who he really is, but hopefully when it happens, a few more details can get cleared up.

Given how secretive his mother has been about the whole thing, PJ has very little information to go on in regards to the identity of his father. He's seen the video that Jon left for Barbara, where he states that, "Barbara, as guilty as I felt for Dave getting on that plane without me, I felt even worse for what happened after between us. Not being there for you and the baby — I left you just when you needed me most."

Those remarks alone could prompt PJ to believe that Jon is his father, especially since it's still unclear how close Barbara and Jon's relationship was. When Delilah asked Barbara if she and Jon had ever been together romantically, she evaded directly answering the question, which could mean that they did date or hook up at some point. There's still a chance that Dave really is PJ's dad like the show wants us to believe. But the theory about Jon's connection to PJ is still worth exploring and good to keep in the back of your mind as you watch the rest of Season 2 unfold.